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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Content Marketing in Today’s Technological World

July 18, 2014 By

Anyone in marketing will tell you: content is King. In today’s tech- savvy world, more companies are utilizing content marketing within their larger advertising strategies. However, for many companies that have no experience with content marketing, it remains a mysterious lead generating strategy....

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Franchise Advertising: Don’t Get Caught on the Wrong Side of the Law

Franchise Advertising: Don’t Get Caught on the Wrong Side of the Law

July 16, 2014 By

With the economy slowly improving, it is crucial for franchisors to attract new franchisees. Franchisors are looking for new methods to reach their franchisees, as broker referrals, word of mouth, and simply having a website are no longer sufficient. However, franchise advertising must follow the la...

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Franchise Development Lead Generation

5 Tips to Remain On The Cutting Edge of Franchise Development Lead Generation

July 11, 2014 By

When you survey the field of franchise businesses, the landscape appears to be quickly changing, causing many franchisors to be left behind due to their commitment to mediocrity and reluctance to change. Franchise development lead generation is quickly changing and adapting to the new consumer envir...

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ways to make your Corporate Website Stand Out

5 ways to make your Corporate Website Stand Out

July 3, 2014 By

Avoid These Corporate Website Design Mistakes and Grow Sales Quickly For companies of all sizes and shapes, websites act as hubs these days. The most crucial element for your branding and marketing efforts is your website if you are a corporate office or franchisor. Valuable potential clients or ...

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ClickTecs The Digital Advertising Agency

ClickTecs: The Digital Advertising Agency Franchises Are Increasingly Turning To

July 2, 2014 By

MEDIA CONTACT                                                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jam Hashmi, CEO ClickTecs 905-564-0020 jam@clicktecs.com Digital marketing and advertising agency ClickTecs has recently...

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