Is Your Website a Liability? Meeting ADA Compliant Website Guidelines for 2019

Is your website a legal liability? Are you alienating potential customers without even knowing it?

Today’s post highlights the importance of ADA compliant website guideline adherence in 2019, and explains how business owners can make sure they’re protected from accessibility lawsuits.

The Case of

Any Beyonce fans out there?

If so, you might have heard that Beyonce is currently being sued for failing to provide an ADA compliant website experience.

Mary Conner filed a civil suit against Parkwood Entertainment, which operates, on January 3rd in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Conner, who’s legally blind, claimed to be a lifelong fan of Beyonce, which made it all the more heartbreaking when she landed on only to encounter numerous barriers limiting her access to the information, multimedia, goods, and services offered on-site.

Conner went to to read up on her favorite artist, and to purchase a Christmas-themed “Holidayonce” pullover hoodie. But neither were possible because “the defendant has chosen to rely on an exclusively visual interface,” which makes it basically impossible for the visually impaired to navigate.

Conner’s lawsuit includes a long list of features that puts in violation of ADA compliant website guidelines, including:

  • No alternative or “alt” text or graphics
  • Inaccessible drop-down menus
  • Inaccessible navigation links
  • Inadequate prompting and labeling
  • Denial of keyboard-only access
  • Empty links that contain no text
  • Redundant links where adjacent links go to the same URL
  • Inability to complete purchases/transactions without a mouse

Conner’s counsel seeks a permanent injunction requiring Parkwood Entertainment to alter its discriminatory policies, practices, and procedures in order to bring the site up to date with current ADA compliant website guidelines. Conner also seeks attorney fees and compensatory damages at an undisclosed amount.

What does this case mean for your business?

First, it underscores the importance of adhering to ADA compliant website guidelines in 2019. Failing to do so can completely alienate huge portions of your audience, and literally cost you sales. In this case, Conner was a lifelong fan who saw Beyonce’s music as something that she could enjoy as much as anybody else. But Beyonce’s non-compliant website felt like a slap in the face–the virtual equivalent of refusing a wheelchair user access to your restaurant. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t put your customers through that–or anyone, for that matter.

But speaking of customers, this case shows how failing to meet ADA compliant website guidelines costs sales. Conner visited to buy a product, but was unable to. Rather than giving Beyonce money, Conner will likely end up taking a substantial amount.

Meeting ADA Compliant Website Guidelines in 2019

Even with the best intentions, it can be tough to make sure your web assets meet ADA compliant website guidelines.

Overhauling your site’s backend isn’t an intuitive task for most people, even if you get your hands on a high-quality checklist. Plus, to make matters worse, the checklist evolves over time, and you are responsible for keeping up to date.

For most business owners, the best option is to call in the professionals. ClickTecs is a digital marketing agency that specializes in ADA compliance. Using a 300+ point checklist created in-house using W3C/ADA guidelines, we have helped numerous business owners protect themselves from lawsuits and reduce liabilities. Members of our team are standing by to quickly audit your website, plan tactical fixes, and implement the changes you need to comply with these important accessibility regulations.

To learn more about our ADA compliant website guidelines, visit

Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing Question Queries for Franchise Development

Especially with the growth of voice search, more and more users are querying with complete questions, rather than Googling a jumble of keywords.

For example, a franchise development prospect might query: “What are the best franchises to buy?”

Accordingly, today’s post is all about how researching and optimizing for these “question queries” can boost your franchise development.

Why Bother with Question Queries for Franchise Development?

  • Endless creative content ideation. Great ideas are the heartwood of quality content and ad campaigns, both of which are critical for your franchise development in 2019. Fresh, inspired content is inherently more engaging than rehashed information, and usually makes for less competition compared to those well-worn ideas that everyone tries.
    Of course, creating fresh, inspired content is easier said than done. But perhaps not, if you’re paying attention to the questions your audience is asking. You don’t need to “think outside the box” if you can peer inside the minds of your audience; in fact, niche question research might be the #1 most powerful source of content inspiration. Gearing your content towards providing answers for queries being made by your target audience is a surefire route to successful franchise development.
  • Questions are highly engaging. When you ask questions, you naturally trigger an “answering reflex” in the human brain. Piquing the interest of your audience in this way is a great idea. Sprinkling questions into your landing pages and social media feed makes these assets much more compelling, getting more eyes on content driving franchise development.
  • Question research leverages the power of voice search. Franchise development teams are now starting to realize that voice search matters. A BrightLocal study found that 58% of consumers used voice search to find local business information within the last year, and that 46% of voice search users seek local businesses daily.

    Unlike traditional typed queries, voice searches tend to be phrased as complete questions. Thus, rather than typing “best franchise development strategies,” a voice search user would ask aloud, “What are the best franchise development strategies?” Conducting question research allows you to pinpoint queries and optimize for voice search to get a leg-up on the competition in 2019.

  • Question optimization increases organic search visibility. In addition to the ways mentioned already, question optimization makes your content eligible for “featured snippets” and Google’s “People Also Ask” results, which exponentially increases how far your franchise development content can reach.  

Getting Started with Question Research

Where do you look for question queries to incorporate into your franchise development content?

These two free and easy resources should get you started:

  • People Also Ask.

Google “People Also Ask” feature suggests related questions to a given query. To access this information, simply input a query that relates to your franchise development.

For instance, when you search for “what franchise should I buy?”, you’ll see the following questions in the “People Also Ask” box:

  • What is the best franchise to buy?
  • How much money do you make owning a franchise?
  • Which franchises are most profitable?
  • What’s the cheapest franchise to open?

Content geared towards answering these questions, which Google is telling us are popular, will yield better results than “scattershot” content that simply lists off random selling points.

  • Google Suggest

Google Suggest is the name for the auto-complete feature you may have experienced while typing into the Google search bar. Suggestions are made based on how other users query, which means we can safely assume all Google Suggest results have a solid search volume and demand.

From the Google homepage, start typing in a query related to franchise development. “Best franchise” is a good place to start. But don’t press enter to complete your search–instead, look at the suggestions being offered in the search bar. These Google Suggest results tell you what audiences are asking, and can form the basis of your franchise development content to attract more eyes and generate more leads.

Learn More About Optimizing Franchise Development with Question Query Research

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Beginner-Friendly Tips for Franchise Development on LinkedIn

The internet has consistently been the leading source of franchise sales, and LinkedIn is a franchise development and B2B goldmine–it’s where entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 decision-makers spend their spare time, according to LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog. As such, LinkedIn has always been a powerful marketing and recruitment tool.

But 2019 promises more franchise development opportunities than ever.

If you need further convincing, check out the following stats:

  • LinkedIn audiences are bigger than ever. LinkedIn now has over 500 million members, according to Business Insider Intelligence. That still falls short of CEO Jeff Weiner’s 3-billion user goal, but it’s still a massive audience that your franchise development efforts cannot ignore.
  • LinkedIn users are more active and engaged every year. 260 million users log in and comb their LinkedIn feeds for news and opportunities each month, according to a Foundation Incorporated report. Moreover, 40% of monthly active users log in every single day!
  • LinkedIn users bring high-value intent to the table. Unlike Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, LinkedIn is a dedicated business networking platform. So while a small percentage of users on alternative platforms will be interested in your offerings, the vast majority of LinkedIn users are actively looking for opportunities.
  • LinkedIn users pay attention to content on their feeds. The LinkedIn content feed makes approximately 9-billion impressions every week. That’s about 468-billion impressions per year. If you’re looking for a new advertising platform to shake up your franchise development, LinkedIn is it!

Clearly, LinkedIn marketing is worth the effort–but where do you begin?

Beginner-Friendly Tips for Linkedin Franchise Development

  • Build a quality Showcase Page. Showcase Pages are niche pages off of a company page. They allow a company to promote specific products or market to a specific buyer persona without requiring users to follow their specific business page. Following some simple best practices can go a long way towards making your Showcase Page shine. Stick close to 200 characters, link to your main franchise development landing page, request fellow franchisees follow the page, and post semi-regular updates.
  • Use competitors’ best practices against them. While much of the magic happens behind the scenes, you can learn a ton of franchise development best practices by simply researching your competitors’ profiles. Take note of their updates, listed specialties, bragging points, and content styles, then consider how you implement some of these tactics into your own franchise development campaign.
  • Schedule regular updates. Post educational and information content about your franchise system (location openings, awards and recognitions, testimonials, charitable activities, etc), as well as any positive press that your brand gets. This highlights the value of your opportunity and also keeps your brand prominent in the LinkedIn feed.
  • Engage with LinkedIn Groups. Wouldn’t it be great if you could browse millions of candidates arranged by their business interests and intent? Oh wait–you can! Find LinkedIn Groups populated by your target audience and reach out. And in 2019, LinkedIn’s Group recommendation tool makes it easier than ever.
  • Don’t forget to add images! It’s shocking how often this simple tip gets brushed aside! We already know that Google crawlers and readers respond best to content that includes multimedia–images, videos, and audio–and the same appears to be true for your LinkedIn profile. In fact, LinkedIn profiles with photos were found to receive 21x more views and 36x more messages, according to Expanded Ramblings research. So before you start reaching out to promising passive candidates, make sure you’ve got a profile picture.

Find more franchise development information at or give us a call at 905-564-0020.

Quick Fire Franchise Marketing Support: Spot-Treating 2 Disastrous Social Media Mistakes

Today’s post spotlights 2 common social media mistakes that can have disastrous consequences for your business. Read on to learn what not to do for your franchise’s social media presence, and how to fix these problems, courtesy of our franchise marketing support team.

Ignoring Customer Comments

You’d never ignore a customer who walked into your brick-and-mortar business, right?

And yet, many franchise owners fail to respond to customer comments left on their social media pages.

A few months ago, we wrote a post about how users expect replies to their Google My Business reviews because they know owners are now automatically alerted as soon as the comment is sent. This simple alert has changed the entire social dynamic; what was once an opportunity for a one-sided review is now considered a forum in which customers can publically interact with business owners.

This is exactly what customers expect with their social media comments–even more so, in fact, because the average customer is more likely to have a social media account of their own (and thus know how the alert system works) than a GMB page, and because social media is meant to be a conversational, interactive platform.

Research has found that 42% of consumers complaining on social media expect a response in sixty minutes or less.

Failing to meet the consumer’s expectations here can really hurt you. First of all, you’re potentially burning a bridge with a customer whose complaint could have been resolved in a way that made them brand-loyal for life. But more importantly, the neglected comment stays on your feed for all to see. At best, it makes your company look a little negligent or understaffed; at worst, you look like you don’t care.

Investing a few seconds to write a unique, engaging response to customer comments goes a long way. Publically resolving a complaint is a fantastic opportunity to flex your customer service skills in a highly visible forum. And even taking the time to acknowledge a positive review or comment with a simple thank-you is worth it in the long run.

Make sure to customize your notifications so that customer comments get priority. Contact our franchise marketing support for help if needed!

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

One oft-overlooked key to successful social media marketing is to pick a handful of relevant platforms, rather than trying to use every social media site in existence. Juggling too many social platforms usually leads to blown marketing budgets, mismanaged assets, and duplicate content.

Choose 1-3 social media sites that work for you. For example, visually oriented businesses may perform better on Instagram than Twitter; other businesses that appeal to family and friends usually find a home on Facebook.

Make sure your chosen platform is heavily populated by your target audience–you can contact our franchise marketing support team to help you pinpoint the best channels. For instance, branching into Snapchat, which is most popular among Millennials and Gen Z, may not be best to promote your senior care company. Similarly, trying to get in on the ground floor with every new social media platform usually isn’t worth it–wait until there’s an audience established, then consider expanding into these digital communities.

Conversely, if your brand sees value in dominated all available social media channels, consider working with our franchise marketing support team to ensure you’ve got fresh, engaging, high quality content everywhere.

Learn More from Our Franchise Marketing Support Squad

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Create Better Content for Franchise Websites: What Audiences Want in 2019

Today’s post is all about creating franchise website content that engages, captivates, and converts. Read on for some insights on what audiences want from your franchise website in 2019, and get your site seen and shared like never before.

Surprise your Readers without Dashing their Expectations

Good content needs to fulfil promises made to the ready via title, context, or description tag. That means avoiding clickbait, blackhat link-dropping practices, and straight-up lying to your readers. But it doesn’t mean your content should be limited to vanilla advice and recycled information.

Anytime your content can contribute a fresh point of view, you’re greatly increasing the odds of engagement and shares. When you’re stuck working with old information, try to reframe it in interesting ways, or tie in personal experience to add a unique point of view.

Craft Aesthetically Pleasing Content your Audience want to Share

Even the most brilliant piece of writing gets under-appreciated if it’s housed in an ugly shell. Think of your content like an entree in a fancy restaurant–presentation matters!

Fortunately, even dull content can get dressed up for better engagement. Make sure everything posted on your franchise website follows these rules (or bends/breaks them knowingly, with purpose):

  • Write short paragraphs with plenty of white space between them. You may also want to choose a font that does this for you–sans-serif fonts are generally thought to be the most readable. This simple adjustment can make your content much more attractive, easier to read, and less intimidating compared to a dense block of text.

  • Vary the layout of your content, especially when recycling similar posts for multiple locations. Use bullet points, text highlights, block quotes, bold words, header tags, and italics strategically to mix up your presentation and pique audience interests.

  • Embrace the fact that multimedia matters. Using images, videos, infographics, and audio makes your content exponentially more powerful by appealing to all different “learning styles” at once. And since search engines love multimedia content, adding these elements also increases SERP ranking and visibility.

  • Practice brevity. Keep it simple, stupid (KISS). Short and sweet. In late, out early. Whatever pithy maxim you like best–just do it!

Create Welcoming and Accessible Assets

You wouldn’t build a brick-and-mortar business without accessibility features, so why would you create content on your franchise website that people with disabilities can’t access?

In 2019, users expect accessible content–in fact, it’s a legal requirement.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive civil rights law that was developed to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. The law requires that all “places of public accommodation” – including your business and franchise website, as of 2010 – are legally obligated to eliminate any barriers that prevent disabled individuals’ from accessing “goods and services.”

Common violations include:

  • Missing alt text
  • Video-only content without audio accompaniment for the visually impaired
  • Missing captions for pre-recorded audio
  • Use of color as the only means of conveying visual information
  • Franchise websites that cannot be navigated by keyboard alone
  • Using page language that is not determinable by all users, and incompatible with assistive technologies;
  • Failure to adhere to the text and image contrast ratio of 4.5:1 (does not apply to large-scale text);

But this is by no means an exhaustive list. In fact, when conducting our ADA compliance testing, we use 300-point checklist. If your franchise website content is in violation of any of these criteria, you’re technically breaking the law.

Learn More About Creating High-Performance Content for your Franchise Website

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Hey Google: What Does Voice Search Mean for Franchise SEO Services?

If your franchise SEO services aren’t prioritizing voice search in 2019, you’re falling behind!

Real-world AI assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa might seem like sci-fi clichés, but these voice search tools are quickly becoming the new search standard. More customers than ever are using voice search to find your business, but without voice search optimization, you’re missing out.

Today’s post explains what makes voice search so important for franchise SEO services in 2019, and shares some handy tips to get you started.

5 Reasons to Target Voice Search with your Franchise SEO Services

  • Back in 2016, 40% of adults were using voice search once per day, according to Branded3 research. That same year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced during the Google I/O keynote that 1 in 5 mobile searches now being made via voice.

    And that’s before the big players in voice search really doubled-down on development. Since then, things have changed. Shortly after the Branded3 report was published and Pichai’s game-changing announcement dropped, Google developers revealed that they had fed their software over 2,865 romance novels in order to improve the voice AI’s conversational skills and fluidity (source: Buzzfeed). Since then, the sophistication and popularity of voice search has skyrocketed. As of January 2018, there were an estimated one billion voices searchers occurring every month!

  • In addition to the voice search capabilities built into every smartphone, 1 in 6 Americans–roughly 39 million–now own a smart speaker, according to new research from NPR and Edison Research. That’s up 128% from their initial report in January, 2017. Since that report was published, Apple and Samsung both release their own voices speakers. By 2020, there will be an estimated 21.4 million smart speakers answering queries and referring users to local businesses, according to WordStream. And by 2022, 55% of households are predicted to own a smart speaker.

  • By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches, according to a ComScore study.

  • Voice shopping is projected to jump to $40 billion in 2022, up from $2 billion today, according to an OC&C Strategy Consultants report. That’s a 20x increase in voice search-related e-commerce in a span of 4 years!

  • Voice search is also a local search nirvana–according to Chitika research, mobile voice-related searches are three-times more likely to be local-based than text. In other words, more people are using voice search to find local products and services compared to text queries. So if you’re trying to get your business in front of more locals, you’d better start focusing your franchise SEO services on voice search.

Getting Started with Voice-Focused SEO Tactics

Follow these quick tips to get started with your voice-search optimization:

  • Get “conversational” with your keyword research. People speak and type quite differently. Generally speaking, voice search keywords will be more informal and conversational. For example, somebody searching for franchise SEO services might simply type “franchise SEO services,” but the voice search would be phrased as a question, such as “What are the best franchise SEO services?” Tailoring your keywords to align with voice search queries is key. Long-tail keywords are increasingly going to look like complete questions, rather than just 2-3 words.

  • Develop content that addresses multiple points in the customer’s “journey” or purchase decision-making process. People search differently with voice depending on their progress through this “workflow,” which is usually laid out as follows: awareness, interest, evaluation, purchase, customer support, and loyalty. Though all of these queries relate to the same product or service, each of these stages brings up different questions, which means unique voice search terms will be used.

  • Consider creating Google Actions or Alexa Skills to increase user engagement and . To learn more about these functions and whether they’re right for your business, give us a call at 905-564-0020.

This list is by no means exhaustive! The best way to get in on the ground floor of the voice search migration is to recalibrate your franchise SEO services to emphasize this emergent technology. If you want to learn more, get in touch with the ClickTecs team for a free voice search SEO consultation!

What to Look for in WCAG Compliance Testing Services

You want an accessible website but you don’t know where to turn.

Have no fear–today’s post lays out some essential things every WCAG compliance testing company should offer.

Read on to learn what makes ClickTecs a WCAG compliance testing authority and what to look for in accessibility services.

WCAG Compliance Testing Experience

The explosion of website accessibility lawsuits over the past couple years has gotten lots of people talking about WCAG compliance testing–and rightly so. Spotting this panicked new demand, some web marketing companies rolled out WCAG compliance testing services overnight, hoping to capitalize.

Those are not the companies you want to partner with for your WCAG compliance testing. Choosing experienced providers with proven results is the only way to ensure you’re protected in this strange legal climate.

ClickTecs has been at the forefront of WCAG compliance testing services for years.

But don’t take our word for it–check out this video we posted more than 6 years ago highlighting the utility of one of our powerful website auditing tools.

This particular tool was designed to provide online competitive analysis for websites, and to quantify their performance in a number of key areas, such as content, marketing, technology, and (you guessed it) accessibility.

But that’s not the only tool in our arsenal. Our WCAG compliance testing process involves a number of W3-approved tools, along with a 300-point accessibility checklist developed by our accessibility specialists.

In other words, we’ve been doing this for awhile. The sensationalization of website accessibility as a result of exploitative lawsuits is a relatively new development, but ClickTecs has been leading the charge in WCAG compliance testing “back before it was cool.”

Cross-Platform Accessibility Testing Expertise

Getting your website in order is a good start, but it isn’t the only thing that will require testing. That’s like a restaurateur adding accessibility parking but not making their building wheelchair accessible. Business owners need to ensure all products, websites, documents, and mobile applications are accessible for people with disabilities.

ClickTecs is a one-stop shop for your digital accessibility needs. We specialize in franchise WCAG compliance testing, and have helped small, medium, and large businesses bring websites, documents, and ad campaigns up to code.

Plus, as co-creators of FranchiseSoft, the WCAG-compliant franchise management software used in multiple countries, the ClickTecs team has proven expertise in software and mobile application accessibility.

A Trusted Reputation and Strong WCAG Compliance Testing Endorsements

Who better to tell you about ClickTecs’ reputation and WCAG compliance testing than a valued client?

Gary Prenevost is a longtime ClickTecs service user and one of the top FranNet franchisees in North America with more than 17 years of experience. When asked what stood out about ClickTecs WCAG compliance testing services, Gary had this to say:

“Well, the first thing is the attentiveness,” he told ClickTecs in a testimonial. “If I have questions, the speed at which I’m getting the answers. I’m expecting two, three, four weeks, but it’s coming back in days. It’s really fast, and what I’ve asked them for is thorough. I’m able to make better decisions with the information that’s coming back, like with my website, which I thought was an adequate website.”

So would Mr. Prenevost recommend ClickTecs WCAG compliance testing services?

“Absolutely,” Prenevost smiles. “I’m suggesting that others enter the annual contract that I have. So I’m very happy.”

You can find more testimonials at

Book a WCAG Compliance Testing Consultation with ClickTecs

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Virtualizing Your Franchise Development in 2018

If you’re not taking your franchise development online, you’re leaving money on the table.

Online Franchise Development Gets Big Results

According to the 2018 Annual Franchise Development Report, digital media is the number-one source of high-quality leads next to referrals.

Back in 2014, a peer-reviewed paper published in the journal Economic Themes set out to highlight the importance of using modern information and communication technology (ICT) in the development of franchise systems. They concluded that there was a “statistically significant strong positive correlation between the use of the web site for linking franchisors and their franchisees and the number of franchise units” (Stefanović&Stanković, 2014, p. 409).

In other words, franchisors who took their franchise development online had better results than those who didn’t.

But this probably doesn’t come as a big surprise.

After all, there is a tremendous body of research providing clear evidence of the advantages of “going digital” in the business-to-business (B2B) market–for instance, we know that virtualizing your franchise development lets you:

  • Build relationships with thousands of potential customers in real time via email and web marketing, lead portal outreach, and social media recruiting (O’Brien, 2008).
  • Enhance marketing capabilities with comprehensive research tools and highly targeted virtual marketing channels (O’Brien, 2008).
  • Improve communication with suppliers, franchisees, shareholders, and candidates through efficient “search and information exchange” (Zettelmeyer, 2000).
  • Increase “connectivity and interactivity” to strengthen the ties of your franchise family and up system adherence (Dutta and Biren, 2001).
  • Keep your brand relevant with a website–Franson and DeSmith (2005) write that “for modern customers, the fact that the company does not have a website, is as shocking as when the get to the cash register in the store and realize that they can only pay in cash.”

But this research is a decade old–if you’re not online already, you’re already behind the eight ball (and if that’s the case, we can help).

What’s changed? How should digital franchise development look in 2018?

7 Online Franchise Development Essentials in 2018

  • A high-quality website. Your website is the #1 tool in your online franchise development arsenal. This is where you’ll be driving traffic, so it better be good! Beyond an intuitive, efficient site architecture and pleasing design, your site needs quality information and multimedia content highlighting your franchise opportunity. In 2018, accessibility and mobile-responsiveness are part and parcel of a quality website.
  • Social media optimization (SMO). Social media makes networking easier than ever, and many of the professionals you want to target will already have a profile on the site. In fact, some interested parties are probably already searching for information about your franchise. You should be searchable on all social media sites, but especially LinkedIn, which has been a fount for franchise candidates.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). If people can’t find your website or contact information, the marketing budget goes down the drain.
  • Pay per click marketing to get eyes on your opportunity fast while maintaining strict control of your budget and knowing where every penny goes.
  • Online reputation management (ORM) to keep your online reputation clear of slanderous reviews by competitors and be sure to attract like-minded individuals.
  • Mobile marketing to get your highly targeted ads in front of the biggest audience.
  • Franchise development software to make email campaigns, lead management, lead tracking, and onboarding easier than ever, and totally manageable from your mobile device.

Learn More About Online Franchise Development

Visit our website to book a free consultation or call our team now at 905-564-0020.


Dutta, S. and B. Biren.(2001).Business Transformation on the Internet: Results from the 2000 Study. European Management Journal, 19(5): 449-62.

Franson, B., and D. DeSmith (2005). Does the Internet Solve Franchisees’ Problems? Franchising World. Retrieved from 40616.

O’Brien, K. (2008). “Grow your franchise with online marketing tools.” Franchising World. Retrieved from  

Stefanović, S., &Stanković, M. (2014). The Role of ICT and the Internet in the Development of Franchise Systems. Economic Themes, 52(4), 409-435.

Zettelmeyer, F. (2000). Expanding to the Internet: Pricing and communications strategies when firms compete on multiple channels. Journal of Marketing Research, 37 (3): 292-309.  

Greenhorns' Guide to Franchise SEO Services: What Am I Paying For?

So you’re new to franchise SEO services, and you’re a little skeptical. You could use a walkthrough.

But maybe you’re not ready to talk, or you’re just feeling overwhelmed.

No problem–we’ve prepared a greenhorn’s guide to franchise SEO services in which we explain the basics of franchise SEO, share helpful industry stats, and point you towards helpful starter resources.

Franchise SEO Services Help Clients Find Your Business

Not convinced about all this SEO stuff?

Greenhorn readers, consider what the following stats say about the value of franchise SEO services in 2018:

  • Search Engine Journal reports that SEO leads have an average close rate of 14.6%
  • 81% of people research a brand online before making an investment or purchase decision
  • In 2018, the average franchise allocates over 40% of their marketing budget to online advertising and SEO, and this is expected to grow for the foreseeable future.

Quite simply, if you aren’t investing in franchise SEO services, you’re letting leads slip away. Your company needs to be visible online in search results, with content and brand information presented in a way that appeals to targeted audiences and drives real business results–this is what franchise SEO services are all about!

Why are Some Franchise SEO Services so Cheap Compared to Others?

If you’re Googling franchise SEO services, you’ve undoubtedly seen claims (maybe even in ALL CAPS) from what Moz’s Kenneth Dreyer calls “the low-cost with 100% guaranteed results guy.” They’re the ones vowing to get you #1 search engine rankings and 30,000 unique site visits per month for dirt cheap, and in practically no time at all.

Here’s a shocker: they sometimes follow through. Kind of.

Though Google’s algorithm is getting more sophisticated (and thus, harder to fool) every day, there are still various blackhat methods that can get you huge traffic spikes and #1 rankings. Sometimes you end up ranking #1 in a search engine you’ve never heard of (maybe Guggle?). And sometimes your site just gets flooded with totally irrelevant “junk traffic.”

Either way, it’s not what you asked for, which was tangible business results.

Here’s the reality: franchise SEO services takes time, effort, and specialized skills. If somebody is offering you franchise SEO services at a rate that considerably undercuts the market standard, they’re almost definitely up to no good. And if they’re guaranteeing results in Google, that’s another warning sign.

What Am I Paying For?

Quality franchise SEO services should include:

  • Website Development. Your website is your business card, sales funnel, and first impression all wrapped into one. If your site’s design, load time, mobile-responsiveness, or architecture aren’t up to par, you’ll struggle being seen and getting results. Everything from the front-page content to backend tags needs to be tweaked and optimized.
  • Multimedia Content Creation. 47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a franchise before contacting a sales representative, according to a Demand Gen report.
  • Mobile Marketing. 54% of smartphone users regularly search for business hours on their phones, and 53% regularly search for directions, according to a Google report.
  • Local Search Optimization. Google “near me” searches have seen a 15-fold increase since 2013 according to SearchEngineWatch. Engaging local customers by appearing at the top of geo-targeted searches (i.e. those that include city names) is the surest way to generate sales for the vast majority of businesses.
  • Social Media Optimization. Social media is a great way to grow your digital footprint to stand out from the crowd and increase opportunities to interact with potential leads.
  • Powerful Reporting. Franchise SEO services ought to report their results to you on a regular basis, and also share user engagement metrics to help with marketing.

Talk to a Franchise SEO Services Consultant

Now that you’ve reviewed the fundamentals, you’ve probably got questions.

Call ClickTecs at 905-564-0020 or visit our website to pick the brains of some of our best and brightest, and learn what franchise SEO services can do for you.

Best Practices for Franchise Development Companies in 2018

Franchising is a winner, and everybody knows it.

For the last six years, franchise sales and development in the US has shown significant growth, according to a Statista report. That same report estimated the total number of franchise establishments in operation in the US at around 745,290.

With franchise systems now more popular and successful than ever, competition in the online franchise development arena is fierce.

Today’s post is about how ClickTecs crushes the competition posed by other franchise development companies in 2018. Read on to learn why it makes sense to partner with our team.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Franchise Development

  • Web development. Your website and digital footprint as a whole is a reflection of your business. Quality candidates are online-savvy, and they’ll expect any brands in consideration to have sophisticated web assets.In and of itself, a website is a multidisciplinary endeavor. A good website needs to take into account graphics, content, functionality, placement of elements, user accessibility needs, and more. Websites also need to be mobile-responsive so that you don’t exclude the millions of users who prefer mobile browsing.But a website isn’t enough on its own. To be competitive in today’s digital climate, you’ll need to expand your digital footprint by creating a number of other web assets, such as citations in online directories and quality backlinks.
  • Social media optimization and social media marketing. Social media assets are another big part of your digital footprint, and another thing that 81% of potential franchise owners will be researching before they get in touch, according to AdWeek research.Social media optimization and marketing become must-haves in the franchise development mix. ClickTecs covers everything from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to online forums.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO plays a major role in online franchise development. If you can’t find your site fast using a Google search, leads never will. In the early stages, candidates are fickle, and most would rather flit to the next opportunity on their list than waste 15 minutes combing the SERP for your website. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but every day that passes without franchise SEO potentially costs you sales.
  • Local search optimization. Searches for business opportunities “near me” have increased 15-fold since 2013 according to SearchEngineWatch. That means potential franchise owners are looking for local business opportunities, and if your brand isn’t discoverable, that business goes elsewhere.As local search optimization experts, ClickTecs can help you identify and correct the “on page” and “off page” factors impeding your local franchise development efforts.
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC). PPC gets immediate targeted traffic for your franchise advertisements and can generate franchise sales within weeks. Admittedly, Google makes their AdWords program “beginner-friendly,” but expert users get more cost-efficient results.

Leveraging Franchise Experience for Powerful Franchise Development Results

It’s one thing to read about web marketing best practices, but quite another to apply them to the world of franchising in a way that produces real results. The stiffest competition will be those who can combine web-savvy marketing with franchise industry insight.

This is one of ClickTecs’ greatest competitive advantages. Not only do we have franchise experience from both sides of the franchise development equation; we’ve also developed franchise development software of our own.

We know what franchise owners want because we are franchise owners. Who better to push your franchise development past the competition than web marketing experts with franchises of their own?

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