6 Essential Franchise Development Strategies in 2017

In today’s post, our franchise development team shares 6 essential strategies for attracting prospective owners and expanding your brand in 2017.  

Website Design And Development

Your website is a reflection of your business in many ways. In terms of franchise development, your website will often be the first impression your brand makes on a prospect. In the same way that a professionally designed and developed website will help you convert customers and promote specific products and services, it will also dictate your appeal to potential franchise owners.

Unfortunately, franchise development is often hindered by the brand’s online assets. Cluttered layouts, poorly written or uncompelling content, and slow load times will actively deter prospects, who will see these fundamental errors as red flags about your company’s relevance and understanding of the modern marketplace. Moreover, badly designed sites rank poorly, which makes your brand less visible to those conducting franchise research.

Your site should focus on simplicity, drawing attention to important franchise selling points, contact information, and territory availability. To really satisfy readers and web-crawlers, it must incorporate high-quality multimedia. And if you want convert prospects to really spur on your franchise development, your contact forms and call-to-actions must be responsive, intuitively placed, and clickable on any device.

Shameless plug-alert! ClickTecs has designed and built many Franchise Development sites that have won awards for their UX and UI.  Drop us a note if you want to see some of them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we mentioned above, your franchise development depends in large part on the visibility of your site. Web searches are the most popular form of franchise research today, and ranking high is very important. Prospective franchise owners are reassured by sites they can find easily (and organically!), because it means that their customers will also have no trouble. If your brand’s website is buried on the back pages of Google’s search results, you could be losing out on major opportunities for franchise development.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The social media climate has narrowed the gap between consumer and business owner more than ever before. Users engage with businesses on social media to leave reviews, resolve complaints, and make recommendations to their friends and family. When properly managed, social media is a boon for your business, but missteps can be costly. Franchises that do not join the conversation on social media – or worse, those who make poor contributions – are generally considered to be “out of touch,” which is obviously bad for business. But these social media mistakes are also bad for your franchise’s development. Prospective buyers will be less motivated to join forces with a brand lacking social media savvy than they would to join one with a fully optimized, professionally-managed presence.

Pay Per Click Marketing

One of the most reassuring things for a prospective franchisee to read about is marketing support. In fact, marketing is usually one of the most unfamiliar aspects of business owners for new entrants. With this in mind, we can see how individuals researching franchises to buy would be comforted seeing paid ads promoting your brand. Not only does PPC marketing directly support franchise development by increasing the odds that your brand is seen by potential owners, but it’s an indirect assurance that your franchise invests in branding that benefits all involved.

Online Reputation Management

Once a prospective buyer has identified your franchise, what is the next step in the research process? Finding reviews. They’ll certainly look at what your website has to say, but smart buyers will cross-reference your company’s claims with information they find online about your reputation. If your reputation has been impacted by a previous owners’ mismanagement, a disgruntled ex-employee, or a ruthless competitor producing fake reviews, you’ll lose out on leads.

Mobile Marketing

This one’s a no-brainer: the majority of searches today are made on the go, and that’s especially true of the busy entrepreneurial crowd that your franchise development efforts hope to attract. If you want to speak directly to your target audience, mobile marketing is key.

These six essential strategies are really just the tip of the iceberg that is franchise development. Drop us a line or browse the ClickTecs blog to learn more about what’s possible for your brand.

Social Media Hacks for Your Franchise Marketing Plan

Social media plays an important role in any franchise marketing plan. And while most of us use social media every single day, few people truly understand the art and science of using these platforms for franchise marketing.

In today’s post, we discuss 4 social media “hacks” you can use to distinguish yourself from the competition.  

Spends More Time On What Works

When outlining your franchise marketing plan, remember that time is your greatest asset. If you’ve opted to manage your social media on your own, make sure you’re putting effort into the most effective platforms. Research has indicated that Facebook is most effective platform for building franchise awareness, driving interested parties to your website, and engaging audiences, so emphasize this in your social media strategy.

Leverage Locally Relevant Information To Increase Audience Engagement

It goes without saying that your franchise marketing plan should use a consistent voice that aligns with your corporate brand, but sticking too closely to the script is a surefire way to repel readers. As soon as somebody notices that your franchise location’s social media posts are just regurgitating message from the brand headquarters, they’ll cut out the middleman and start visiting that site directly, which means less engagement with audiences you care about.

One of the best ways to engage local audiences while using the “brand voice” is to leverage locally relevant information in your posts. Mention local knowledge, folklore, historical factoids, weather, news, and events. The more you do, the more your posts will resonate with the locals, and this holds true even in cases where you’re sharing “generic” updates to your products, services, or hours.

Jump On Automation Opportunities

When constructing your franchise marketing plan, keep an eye out for opportunities to automate tasks as often as possible. This can help you save time, strike that sought-after work-life balance, and coordinate big offline-and-online promotional pushes with relative ease. Many software tools allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, which allows you to cover weeks or even months worth of updates in a single work session. This works great for holidays: since the dates don’t change, you can schedule a lifetime’s worth of “modified hours” posts with a few easy clicks. This kind of pre-planning and automation also helps you avoid potential conflicts. Alternately, bigger companies might prefer to automate their entire social media franchise marketing plan via outsourcing. This might not be for everyone, but there is clear value in leveraging the expertise of longtime industry players for hands-free citation-building, media sharing, and word-of-mouth advertising.

Emphasize Engagement Over Sales

We’ve already shared a simple hack to increase local audience engagement, but it’s worth reiterating that social media is about connecting with your customers more than it is about selling to them. While social media savvy can have a huge indirect impact on your sales, these platforms are rarely effective as sales-oriented “infomercials” for your business. Keep your voice consistent, strive to make your content as interactive as possible (i.e. quizzes, polls, Q&As, giveaways, and competitions), and provide as much behind-the-scenes insight as you feel comfortable doing, but never hock products or services without this value attached. A good litmus test here is to ask yourself if you’d be comfortable sharing the social media post you just wrote on your personal account – is it fun, interesting, and likely to be enjoyed by your readers, or will you be coming across as a sales shill?

For more franchise marketing plan tips, check our blog or schedule a free consultation with a member of our team at http://www.clicktecs.com

4 Reasons Your Franchise Website is Failing

Whether we like it or not, today’s internet is more prone to quantity than quality. The average user spends time every day weeding through clunky content, “fake news,” sloppy sites, and irrelevant ads before finding what they really want. As a result, most users develop the ability to rapidly evaluate the overall quality of a site; a recent study of online behaviour as it relates to bounce rates found that users spent as little as 3 seconds forming opinions on-site before “bouncing off” to another page. 

Users have no patience for subpar sites, and they’re operating on hair triggers. If your franchise website doesn’t grab their attention and send the right message, you will lose traffic, conversions, and click-throughs, all of which translates to a smaller bottom-line! 

In today’s post, the ClickTecs team shares 4 reasons why franchise websites fail to capture the trust and attention of their online audience. Read on for a smart assessment of your franchise website, as well as some solutions to common problems.  

Mobile Design Deficiencies

For years now, users have preferred to search for products and services using their mobile devices. Accordingly, failing to optimize your site for mobile browsing is a surefire way to repel a huge percentage of your audience.

Your franchise website designer must understand the unique needs of your online audience, then accommodate them specifically within the site’s architecture. This means considering font and button size, menu layouts, and the look and function of your site across multiple devices.

Pick up your phone, launch a web browser, and access your franchise website. Doing your best to stay objective, take a first-person walkthrough. What did you notice about your experience? Was it difficult to find contact information? Were you spending any time resizing, scrolling, or magnifying text? Were the buttons and tabs “tappable”?

If you think your site needs a mobile facelift, ClickTecs can help!

Uninspiring Content

Unfortunately, many franchise websites follow the “quantity over quality” rule, packing unhelpful pages full of keywords and offering little incentive for visitors to stay on-site. Moreover, extra words, redundancies, and low-value information work as barriers that prevent users from clicking where you want them to.

The content on your franchise website should inspire action, whether that action is to book a consultation, schedule a call, download a report, or to simply ‘Like’ and share a post. This requires clarity and brevity, along with strong value endorsements that capture your brand voice.

The old adage that “content is king” still rules the web today, so either find time to craft yours, or hire someone who can. Once you do, your site can start doing its job, and traffic, leads, and social media shares will increase.

Slow Load Times

As we mentioned earlier, the average user is only giving your site 3 seconds before taking their attention elsewhere. If your page isn’t loading in time, it will never have a chance to do its job, no matter how great your content is. Though many load time issues are related to server selection, ClickTecs web design services can improve load speed by optimizing image sizes, cleaning up backend processes, and otherwise tweaking your franchise website’s architecture.

4 Ways ClickTecs Supports Offpage Franchise Sales Strategies

Today’s post explores the topic of off-page SEO, and highlights 4 ways that ClickTecs service suite contributes to this valuable practice.

Understanding Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a “macro” approach that involves optimizing your brand experience by cultivating content, links, and relationships that appeal to prospects and crawl bots alike. Distilled to its core, the goal foroff-page SEO is to accumulate favorable crawler signals and customers interactions for a net positive boost to your business. While not as popular as SEO’s “micro” on-site iteration, this important practice is associated with an upswing in positive brand mentions, leads, traffic, search ranking, and conversions.

Neglecting off-site SEO is a lot like letting trash pile up in your neighborhood; no matter how nice your house is, nobody’s going to visit if the surrounding area looks bad. On the other hand, a beautiful neighborhood can really increase the value of an otherwise unremarkable home, and the same is true of off-site SEO. So whether you’re looking to present your masterpiece page in the best possible light, or trying milk every lead and impression out of a cheap site, off-site SEO is a smart move.

4 Ways ClickTecs Supports Offpage Franchise Sales Strategies

  • Consult marketing metrics to create a winning product or service. Of course, one of the best off-page strategies is to create a winning product or service. Once you do, word will spread, and site traffic, positive reviews on third-party sites, and sales will all increase. This is certainly easier said than done, but franchise owners have a distinct advantage here, at least in terms of existing products, because their business model was already good enough to franchise. If you are looking to create a new product that will stir up off-page consumer conversations, be sure to focus on the essential benefits it offers its target audience. Creating a product that anticipates and accommodates their needs is the best way to court favorable reviews, and ClickTecs’ analytics and marketing reports can inform your R&D with demographic details.
  • Improve your virtual customer service process. Quality customer service is one of the most valuable assets for your franchise’s off-site SEO. Since it is tied so closely to your brand reputation, your customer service process will directly influence the amount of reputation management your campaign requires. Your goal is simply to make every brand interaction as positive as possible, both online and offline. This means having a responsive off-site social media presence, with representatives who are patient, gracious, and helpful. It also means making life easier for your audience by tailoring your keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags to your specific searcher’s intent.

    At ClickTecs, we manage franchise reputations and social media assets in the virtual world, so you can focus on providing the best customer service in the real world. We ensure your social media stays present, human, and proactive at all times. Furthermore, our team is constantly adjusting your backend keyword, tags, and descriptions according to search and marketing metrics to streamline the experience for your searchers. Together, it’s a recipe for off-page SEO success!

  • Refocus off-page activities on forums, comment sections, and blogs. Another strategy for increasing visibility and positive association with your desired audience involves getting active in off-page communities. Think of it as a high-quality but indirect form of link-building that will boost your reach and influence. One thoughtful comment can be all it takes to get a user to look deeper into your brand via social media platforms or a direct site search. If you don’t have time for this indirect aspect of off-site SEO, don’t fret; these kinds of activities may be included as part of your social media or reputation management package.
  • Experiment with different styles of content creation. In the same way that some people respond better to certain types of learning materials, users respond differently to various kinds of content. Building valuable off-page content could involve sharing industry-relevant articles, pictures, and videos via social media and photo-sharing sites, If you’re interesting in broadening your horizons, get in touch with a ClickTecs representative to discuss some of our dynamic content creation options.
Online Reputation Management: 1 Major Mistake That Stops Franchise Development

Today’s post spotlights one major franchise development flaw that owners make with their online reputation management. Read on to learn whether your franchise is making this critical error, and find out how to fix it! 

A Brief History of Online Reputation Management  

Before the internet, companies were much less accountable for subpar products and services. Dissatisfied customers didn’t have a lot of options; they could complain to their friends and family, but the rest of the world wouldn’t hear about it. So long as the company in question had the marketing dollars to attract new buyers, they could survive, and even thrive!

Today, these companies have no place to hide. Consumers can share their good or bad experiences on countless different review sites, and both Google and Facebook give users the default option to rate businesses with a single click.

Marketers have published a great deal of research underscoring the impact review sites have on franchise development, which has directed considerable attention towards online reputation management services. An estimated 70-90% of prospects look for online reviews before committing to a purchase. Moreover, survey respondents have indicated time and time again that they trust these objective review sites as much as the word-of-mouth recommendations they hear from their peer groups. It’s not hard to see why, given that online reviews provide a broad and randomized population sample.

Unfortunately, online review sites are largely unregulated, lacking any controls or accountability to keep users honest. Quite often, rival business owners will take advantage of this “free market” climate and propagate negative press for your company.

Whether they’re true or not, damaging reviews and negative online chatter can degrade your brand name and goodwill to a point where your bottom-line is seriously affected. Prospects who search your brand name and see negative entries will likely scroll down to the next search result. 

1 Major Mistake with Online Reputation Management 

Given the importance of your franchise’s brand name and goodwill, it only makes sense to invest in online reputation management services as part of your online marketing package. Unfortunately, many of these services revolved around combatting negative reviews as they arose through flagging, reporting, and even posting messages pretending to be satisfied customers.

While this approach does have value, especially when a franchise website has been targeted by a competitor’s smear campaign, it is both too reactive and limited in scope. Your franchise simply cannot grow at its highest potential if you’re spending your time on the defensive – your reputation management must be active, not passive.

At ClickTecs, we use an active form of online reputation management to optimize your franchise development and protect your valuable brand name. Rather than responding to degrading reviews after the fact, our firm:

  • Monitors the online conversation about your brand, organizational culture, and staff
  • Critically assesses these online opinions
  • Interacts with consumers through social and support channels to mitigate damages, repair customer service errors, and cultivate positive relationships
  • Maintains a strong positive online presence for your brand at all times

Moreover, our search engine strategies help us:

  • Collate negative and positive mentions
  • Adjust content creation in a way that addresses voiced concerns
  • Increase your social media exposure
  • Optimize your Local Listing
  • Create and review your business citations

If you’d like to learn more about our “active” approach to online reputation management, visit http://www.clicktecs.com today!

4 Internet Marketing Strategies for Franchise Websites

It’s 2017 –simply having a franchise website is no longer enough. In today’s post, the ClickTecs team foregrounds four internet marketing strategies that franchise owners can use to improve web traffic, increase conversions, and secure higher click-through ratings. 

Bring Your Franchise Website Into 2017

If your franchise has had the same website for years, it might be time for a new look. If users land on-site and get the sense that they’ve been transported back to the late 90s, you’re probably scaring away a lot of prospects.

But this strategy goes beyond creating a pretty website. For best results, your franchise website should provide a streamlined user experience that makes important information prominent and drives call-to-action conversions. At ClickTecs, our web development service incorporates contemporary research on online mapping and eye-tracking to ensure that your site looks and performs like a cutting-edge modern asset.

Older websites enjoy some SEO advantages in terms of their established online standing, but newly created pages have a number of distinct advantages. Don’t let fear of change hold you back from increased mobile-friendliness, enhanced security features, and better loading times.

Invest In Your Franchise Website’s Content

Advertising is a key component of your overall internet marketing strategy, but the value of useful and relevant content cannot be overstated. This has never been truer in 2017, as savvy consumers get better at tuning out blatant advertisements or even installing ad-blockers. Content marketing is a fantastic way to reach these audiences because it rewards them with valuable information any time they engage with your brand.

This gets more eyes on your website and builds a positive association with your company. Moreover, quality content can establish your authority in a certain industry or niche market, giving you a guilt-free platform to showcase your business’s knowledge base. Establishing your expertise in this way is vital for new franchises trying to build a reputation.

Coordinate Online And Offline Marketing Campaigns

Another advertising strategy franchise owners should adopt in 2017 involves synthesizing their online and offline efforts. Both flyers and web banner ads can be effective on their own, but their impact increase exponentially when they reinforce each other. In other words, your internet marketing should support your offline efforts, coordinating each in a way that ensures you are pushing one clear message, rather than mobilizing campaigns that effectively compete with one another.

Tame The Social Media Monster

For old-school franchise owners, social media can seem like a gigantic waste of time. However, with over 900+ million people thumbing through their social media feeds every day, social media represents one of the best ways to get your brand message to the masses. Rather than shying away from the social media monster, why not tame it and put it to work for your business?

ClickTecs’ social marketing drives traffic to your franchise website, cultivates positive reviews and client interactions, and polishes your brand’s social voice to help build a following of potential and future customers. 

If you’d like to learn how to implement any of these strategies for your franchise website, please visit http://www.clicktecs.com to book a free consultation with a member of our team.

How to Approach Online Franchise Marketing

Franchise marketing in general can be a pretty tricky proposition. How much money, time, and effort should you devote to franchise marketing? How much should you research the marketing plans of other franchises? How much of what they have done is applicable to your franchise? What is the geographic region that your marketing should cover? And how much should you focus on marketing your franchise online?

For the purposes of this post, franchise marketing will refer to the marketing of your franchise location to the end consumer of your product or service.  This is not to be confused with marketing the franchise opportunity so candidates can evaluate your business and look to purchase a franchise and become a franchisee.  That being said, lets get back to the matter at hand.  It’s difficult to know the answers to the questions above because the answers to all these questions will depend on the type of franchise you have, who your customers are and where they are located. But with respect to the last question, online marketing is crucial to the success of your franchise. This article will look at the some of the ways you can approach online franchise marketing.

Your Franchisee Website

Your franchise website is good starting place to examine approaches to franchise marketing. As stated above, it is imperative that your franchise marketing strategy relies heavily on its online presence, and that begins with your website.

Many franchisors have a single page dedicated to each franchise location.  This may be a cost effective strategy to start with, or a strategy that can be useful if the company’s brand is very well known.  It is cost effective because it doesn’t take much to manage a single page dedicated per location.  The content is limited and easy to update and website maintenance can be done system wide fairly easily.  It is good for larger brands because they are already well known and people will often search by brand name.  There is no need to have a more robust local presence because they already have brand equity and awareness in the local market.

Some franchisors, especially service based brands, or new brands that are not well known, may find it beneficial to build out a more robust micro-site for each location.  This helps in having more content that can be customized for the local market and that can help with Search Engine Optimization for more generic keywords that are not brand specific.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing has changed a lot over the decades. It’s no longer about taking an ad out in the local newspaper for your franchise. It’s not even about pop-up ads on websites either. Far more important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a way to design your website and its content such that it makes your website appear higher in online searches for a set of keywords that describe your product or service.  Single page websites per location (talked about above) may be limited in this because there is only so much content you can stuff into one page.  In addition, that page will likely rank for only a few keywords.  Having a multiple pages dedicated to a franchisee location will allow for more content and more keywords to possibly rank.

Social Media

Social media is not merely another platform on which you can advertise your franchise. Social media is more important than ever to franchise marketing because it allows you to monitor and adjust conversations about your franchise. If a disgruntled customer tweets something negative about your franchise, you can address that customer right away and track small problems before they become big ones.  There are great tools to listen to the sentiment of your end customers so you can deal with any concerns quickly.  In addition, a franchisee can benefit from bringing in his/her reviews from the social review sites to display on their franchisee website. This helps user experience and will help in increasing the conversion from visitor to lead.

Mobile devices

As mentioned earlier, franchise marketing has changed a lot over the decades. But it’s also changed a lot in the past five years. Today, 30-50% of the traffic on your website is coming from mobile devices. If you don’t have a site that is optimized for mobile viewing and access, you can kiss those leads goodbye.  Google’s preferred protocol it to build your sites using a responsive design.   This will ensure that you have a site that is attractive and engaging on all platforms and screen sizes.  In addition, if your services are often searched on mobile devices and having that user see your add while they are within a certain proximity of your location is important to you, then ensure you are bidding higher for ads on mobile devices when someone is within a certain radius. This gets users the ads at the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).


All of this can be very hard to keep track of. Franchise marketing is just one aspect of your business, and important though it is, you still have to focus on actually making the product or providing the service that is key to making your business run. At Clicktecs we can do all of the above things to guarantee that your online franchise marketing plan is crisp, efficient, and successful at engaging the highest possible number of leads online. To learn more, please contact us today!

How to Devise a Digital Marketing Plan for a Franchise

It is 2016. The internet is kind of important now and it’s not going away anytime soon. This statement is not controversial in the least; anybody who would deny the importance of the internet is clearly insane. And yet still, many businesses and franchises move ahead with marketing plans that are straight out of 1994. To properly and effectively market your franchise you need to devise a specialized digital marketing plan. But what is the best way to do this? Well, read on and discover how to devise a digital marketing plan for your franchise!


Franchise marketing plans

Franchise marketing plans have been around just about as long as franchises have, but digital marketing is still a relatively recent development, and what’s more, it is always changing. The truth is, a successful digital marketing plan is so much more involved and intricate than just transferring an offline plan to digital media. There are a great many factors to consider. Such as:


Website design and development

Today, the first time most people come in contact with your franchise is when they visit your website. Your website is the first thing most potential customers will see, so you have got to impress them. But a good website is so much more than flashy and crisp graphics. You have to consider functionality, content, and even little things like font choice can be crucial. And that’s just how your website will appear on laptops and desktops, to say nothing of your mobile presence, which today, is just as, if not even more, important than a landing page. A well-thought out mobile marketing strategy is a key part of any modern day franchise marketing plan, as is mobile application development.  A word of warning before you allow all your franchisees to go rampant on social media is to have a social media marketing policy.  This will serve as a set of guidelines for the franchisees to ensure everyone is consistent with their brand messaging on social media.



Another key component of a digital franchise marketing plan has to do with optimizing your content. Both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are great tools that, when used correctly, get the maximum amount of attention for your franchise. SEO utilises keywords to increase your business’s visibility in search engines. SMO will get your franchise noticed on social media, help you engage with customers, and heighten your brand awareness.  Often multi-unit franchises will face the challenge of having unique content for each of their locations.  If investment can’t be made to customize all local content, then at the very minimum correct canonical tags need to be placed on duplicate content at the franchisee sites to ensure Google doesn’t penalize multiple submissions of the same page.


Online Reputation Management

When crafting a digital franchise marketing plan you have to consider your online reputation. How to establish one? How to maintain a positive association?And how to deal with any problems that may arise? Online reputation management is all about measuring, monitoring, tracking, and creating constructive conversations about your brand, largely through social media. It can be difficult to stay on top of at times, but you need a good online reputation management strategy if your digital franchise marketing plan is to succeed.  There are many tools available to listen and the sophisticated franchisors are going one step further and using an online review generation and management system to help increase review on the social sites such as Yelp, Google My Business and others.  These reviews help with local search optimization and can also be brought back into a franchisee’s site and displayed using API feeds for better visitor experience and validation.


And more

These points are only some of the pillars needed to construct a great digital franchise marketing strategy. How can you stay on top of all this? This is a simple buy vs build decision.  Either you spend the man hours doing it yourself, or you can engage with a franchise marketing agency that can help manage the digital marketing for your franchises.  Contact ClickTecs today to see how we have helped numerous franchises with their digital marketing plans at the franchisor and franchisee levels.

Some Commonly Overlooked Keys to Successful Franchise Development

To succeed with your franchise development you must work hard. But hard work isn’t everything. Some believe that if they work hard and render a quality product or service, successful Franchise Development is bound to follow. However, this sadly not true. It’s not enough to work hard, you must also work smart. You must consider all the matters and issues that are integral to franchise development.

Here are some overlooked keys to franchise development.

Establish an online presence

It’s not enough to just have a website that extolls the virtues of your products or services with a little tab somewhere that says, “Become a franchisee today!”. You need to appropriately display the different facets of your business and funnel people to the proper pages accordingly. You need to have a special Franchise Development website dedicated to your corporate attributes. One where those interested in purchasing a franchise can learn why your brand or company is a great investment and what they need to do to get on board.

In addition to this, many people rely on service/product rating sites to get advice. If you don’t monitor the internet chatter about your business, things can get out of hand. You need to respond to and engage with your customers online because a bad reputation on the internet will definitely hamper franchise development.Individuals decide to purchase a franchise partly based on the demand and brand name of that service, in addition to the financial viability of the franchise model. You may have a well-thought out and enticing franchise model, but this will do little to encourage individuals to purchase a franchise if the online reputation of your product is largely negative.

Content is critical

Now that you’ve established a Franchise Development website for your brand, what do you put on it? A blog is a great idea. You have to keep your site supplied with a regular flow of good, professionally written content to continuously drive traffic to your business.This traffic has to be geared towards someone looking to purchase a franchise.

The best way to gear this specific traffic is to employ SEO (search engine optimization). If your blog posts focus on important keywords related to your franchise opportunity, then anybody who searches for these terms will be likely to stumble upon your site.

Unity and Coherence

Many people are attracted to franchising because it allows them a level of independence and autonomy. But you must always reinforce that your franchisees are part of a bigger setup. You should stress to potential franchisees that they will be part of a successful and recognized brand. And that if they wish to maximize the success of their individual branch, they must adopt the qualities and techniques that you have decided should be uniform throughout your company. Franchise development is not just about quantity. Yes, you want to award franchises to as many interested individuals who are willing and qualified to buy them, but you have to ensure unity and coherence throughout your whole network of franchises in order to grow in a sustainable and successful manner.

Work with the best

To succeed with your Franchise Development plan, you should use all the help you can get. At ClickTecs, we can help you with franchise development lead generation or franchise development marketing.  To learn more about how we can boost your Franchise Development, please contact us today!


Google is the undisputed king of search engines. It is imperative that a website is not only well designed, but Google friendly as well. Having a Google friendly site will ensure that your target audience can easily locate you on the World Wide Web. Here are some franchise website design tips:

Things to avoid: The first step to designing a Google friendly franchise website is to know what not to do. The days of keyword stuffing and making specialized crawler pages are long gone. These are practices that Google define as deceptive and you will be penalized. It could even hurt your future chances of appearing on top of a search. When a franchise looks to design its website, they should be careful about the SEO company they hire. There are a lot of companies that guarantees results; but a true professional can increase the sites flow and content while realizing that results cannot be guaranteed.  In fact a page out of Google’s webmaster guidelines states,

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google.” https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35291

Another thing to avoid is having multiple pages with the same content and different URLs.  This problem is very prevalent, especially in the Franchise sector where consistency of branding and messaging is very important.  It is very common to find multiple franchisee websites saying the exact same thing.  This duplicate content can cause SEO penalties and many franchisors are not even aware of the opportunity lost.  The gold standard solution is to have unique content per franchisee to overcome this issue, however that can get impractical especially if you have hundreds of locations offering the same services.  The best way to overcome this issue and build franchisee sites that are SEO friendly is the appropriate use of canonical tags.

 Content: Google emphasizes that having high quality content, especially on your homepage, is the most important factor in designing a Google friendly site. Have sniper like precision with the usage of your keywords, have a rich attractive template and have informative content that a visitor will find invigorating. Utilize the new javascript and HTML formats to create a cover interface which is attractive yet fluent. Design a page that is Google bot friendly. Do not block any sections of the page, so that you can allow the bot to do its job, and let your content do the talking. Having relevant content will drive more visitors to your website and will attract other related websites to you. A rule of thumb is to have at least 200-300+ words of content written around the specific theme that is your franchise, and keep the keyword density between 2-3%, repeated in headers, tagged in images and highlighted in text.

 Linking: Link your pages from other associated websites. This shows that others value your website and it draws more visitors to your page. If you are linked from other pages, it increases the chances of the Google bot finding your website and increases your domain authority.  Quality and relevance of links will yield the greatest impact.You should also design your franchise website with internal links, to make it easier to navigate and to make it more user friendly. Link your site to all your social media outlets. More than 30% of the traffic that comes to your site actually comes through the social media outlets. It also makes it easier for Google to find you.

 Multiple Platforms: Design a web template that is easily accessible across multiple platforms. It is an increasing trend that franchise development websites, or any websites for that matter, are getting more potential customers browsing the sites on the go from hand held devices. Mobile friendliness is actually one of Google’s main criteria when ranking websites. Creating a web design that is responsive and can easily accessible through all desktop and hand held devices are a key marketing tool. Google has actually gone and taken a stance to say that responsive designs are the preferred protocol for Google when it comes to designing a site that is SEO friendly.

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Franchise website design doesn’t necessarily follow the same structure as other businesses.  However, for franchises and for any businesses to have a great web design, it has to be Google friendly. If you are not friends with Google, your online adventure may be short lived. Give us a call today for more information about our award winning franchise development website design!