Franchise SEO 2018

Today’s post shares some big-picture guidelines to help you set strong franchise SEO goals for 2018. 

Start by increasing franchise SEO education at the corporate level. 

Before you even think about the micro-adjustments your franchisees will need to make, your corporate clients and partners need a basic understanding of SEO. This needn’t be an exhaustive education – executive-level decision-makers should be doing what they do best, not mastering the art of franchise SEO. But they do need to know what they’re paying for, along with what it will take to bring their constituents up to speed. The best way to do this is through a direct consultation with a franchise SEO team like ours who can sum up what’s needed, how long it will take, and how much money it will make you in return.

Reflect on your performance in 2017. 

Sometimes you need to look back before you can move forward. In this case, it’s essential. While sharing general best-practices for franchise SEO is helpful early on, the only way to sustain your growth is to base decisions off the real-time data your business is giving you.

Take a look back at 2017, starting with the hard metrics. Quantitative analyses of marketing ROI and product life cycles can tell you a lot about upcoming opportunities and potential money-pits. This is a great time to put your integrated franchise SEO software to use. Otherwise, go over the numbers manually and try to identify promising growth spurts or popular products to focus on, along with any instances of diminishing returns.

Look beyond SERP rankings. 

Earning a top-10 search engine results page (SERP) ranking is crucial to your brand’s online success. And the coveted number-1 spot gets almost half of the total search traffic for those keywords. That translates to more eyes on your franchise opportunity, to say nothing of the huge authority boost that spot is associated with.

So yes, climbing up the SERP should be part of the plan. That’s not going to change in 2018.

But topping the SERP isn’t all there is to franchise SEO. If landing the number-one spot on a handful of keywords is where your franchise SEO goals start and end, you’re missing major opportunities for demographic research and, most importantly, sales.

Some franchises had to learn this the hard way. After paying a premium to race to the top spot, they struggle to identify any tangible return on their investment. Sure, their sites were getting more daily traffic, but their conversion rates didn’t budge.

Don’t fall into the SERP tunnel-vision trap.

Instead, your franchise SEO plan should target conversion goals that complement your money-making strategies, whatever they may be. For franchisors hoping to attract quality candidates to grow their brand, that might mean getting people to download the info packet PDF for your franchise opportunity. For franchisees, the conversion goal might be about booking an appointment or ordering a product online.

In either case, these money-making franchise SEO goals go way beyond the #1 SERP spot, shifting the focus to concrete user actions that put you one step closer to closing a sale.

If you’re looking for hands-on assistance with your franchise SEO planning and performance in 2018, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 905 564 0020.

Franchise Social Media Strategy

Today’s post spotlights one franchise social media strategy that spoils Facebook campaign performance.

First, let’s take a closer look at the Facebook algorithm.

The Facebook algorithm decides what shows up in your News Feed. It’s based on a huge number of factors, many of which the developers will probably take to their graves. But here’s what we know for sure:

  • Facebook loves specific user actions. Visibility is awarded to posts with lots of Likes, comments, and shares, especially when they generate this response in a short amount of time. They also give precedence to posts from Pages that users interact with often.This means your franchise social media strategy can maximize visibility by producing content that stimulates these actions. Moreover, you’ll get greater value from your Facebook marketing efforts over time, as every positive user interaction with your content increases your visibility in their feed.
  • Facebook dislikes certain kinds of posts. Content that is overly promotional is usually penalized, along with repetitive content and anything that’s baiting clicks or likes. The Facebook algorithm also penalizes anything that includes external links as part of their agenda to keep you on their app as long as possible.
  • Family and friends come first. Compared to Twitter and Instagram, Facebook is a much more personal social network, with profiles displaying users’ full names along with pictures of their loved ones. People generally use it to stay in touch with friends and family, rather than interact with strangers (though this certainly does happen), and Facebook knows it. As such, Facebook’s algorithm always gives priority to posts from friends and family.So what does this mean in terms of your franchise social media strategy? Since family and friend posts get top visibility, comments become extremely valuable. If you post an engaging franchise offer that earns a comment from Uncle Ernie, Aunt Erin will see your brand message floating through her newsfeed, and may take it as inspiration for where to invest her savings…

    Start engaging users by replying to comments and reviews as often as you can without seeming spammy or insincere. Even a simple question or a “Thanks!” will often be enough to get a reply that draws more eyes to your content. You can also post content that flatout encourages sharing with friends and family.

  • Users control their experience. Facebook gives the user robust options to customize their experience. They can block or report offensive content, follow and unfollow Pages at will, and even give certain users or brands priority visibility.This makes it all the more important that your franchise social media strategy stresses quality over quantity. Flooding feeds just for the sake of being seen is just asking to get blocked or unfollowed. Using clickbait or spam tactics aren’t worth it. Authentic communication is one of Facebook’s core values, so approach your posting accordingly, making the effort to share only valuable, informative, or entertaining stuff that users actually want to see. And while this might sound like a contradiction of our last point – to reply to comments and reviews as often as possible – it’s not, because those messages count as authentic communication.
  • Facebook believes in constant iteration. This means they’re constantly collecting feedback to tweak their algorithm and update visibility scores. And that’s great news if you’ve been using a broken franchise social media strategy, since a month or two of quality management will get you right back on track.

Are You Making The #1 Franchise Social Media Strategy Mistake? 

Facebook is a social media app, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Twitter clone or an Instagram imposter. And it shouldn’t be treated as such.

For some time, some companies’ franchise social media strategy boiled down to using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a link-building platform. Your company publishes a blog, then a link to your website is shared on social media, and that’s it!

But as we’ve seen, that’s a terrible approach. Treating Facebook like a link-building platform means playing directly against its algorithm. In addition to being penalized for including external links, these posts rarely perform well in short periods of time… unless they use click-bait style copy, which gets you penalized even harder.

It just doesn’t work.

So what’s the right approach? 

Facebook is a personal social media platform, and your franchise social media strategy should approach it as such. Serve the people by posting informative and entertaining content that hasn’t been done to death, and spend more time engaging your audience. Link building is okay, but should be done sparingly, and only when you’ve really earned the trust of your audience.

But there’s more to it. Let’s keep talking – call 905-564-0020 or book a consultation online.

Facebook Franchise Marketing Tips

With more than 2.13-billion active users as of the final quarter of 2017, Facebook (FB) franchise marketing has never been more valuable for brands.

Make sure you’re making any of these five mistakes with your FB franchise marketing campaign! Each one is costly, yet easily solved:

  • Inconsistent content. Develop a realistic content schedule and stick to it. A derelict Facebook page obviously hurts your brand’s visibility and recognition, but it also spurns any audience members you’ve successfully engaged. Inactivity tells customers you had better things to do then engage with your page, and encourages them to do the same.One of the easiest ways to avoid this mistake is with sound planning. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 1-2 posts per week is a good starting point for most FB franchise marketing campaigns. Aim to quality over quantity, and consistency at all costs. Editorial calendar tools can be helpful here, but even Facebook’s built-in scheduler works fine.
  • Begging for attention. Audience engagement is one of the most talked-about FB franchise marketing metrics, and for good reason. Every Like, Share, and Comment your content attracts increases its visibility exponentially, since those engaged users’ Friends and Followers follow their activities. So isn’t it a good idea to ask followers to do so?The truth is that Facebook actually buries these kinds of posts. In an effort to clean up “News Feed Spam,” Facebook has started cracking down on any content that explicitly asks for engagement as a way to exploit their algorithm. They call it “Like-baiting,” “Comment-baiting,” and “Share-baiting.”Don’t beg for attention – earn it with interesting videos, insightful questions, and useful information. Let the engagement happen organically.
  • Going all-organic. Organic content is the backbone of any FB franchise marketing strategy, but it should not be its entirety. Facebook has admitted outright that the power of their organic marketing reach is declining. The best results require that you “pay to play.”But don’t worry – it’s cheap and effective. A $1 boost can get a quality post tens of thousands of views. Facebook’s ad targeting tool gives you amazing specificity, so you can pinpoint users of certain ages, with certain interests, within a certain city block, all with a few simple clicks.Plus the performance metrics you get back from every campaign are extremely comprehensive, with info on total number of impressions, post engagement time, click-through rates, and more.
  • Ignoring the mobile majority. Two years ago, 1.51-billion of the 1.65-billion active Facebook users were mobile visitors. That’s a whopping majority figure that simply cannot be ignored. If you’re not optimizing your FB franchise marketing strategy for mobile users, you’re ignoring the needs of 92% of your audience.While we can’t enclose our entire mobile strategy in one article, we can give you a simple take-home tip to up your mobile marketing game: preview all your ads on your mobile device. You can schedule and design them on your desktop freely (this is often faster and easier on the hands), but preview with the mobile lens that most of your audience will be looking through. You’ll instantly see any problems with image cropping, message length, or button size.
  • Ignoring comments. Since Facebook introduced its business review and 5-star rating system, this personal networking app has slowly transformed into a customer research hub. And it’s also become a popular contact point for customer service, with as many as 71% of social media complaints being made on Facebook. With that in mind, innocent comment oversights now have major repercussions, as users will take this as you ignoring their complaints. This can have a snowball effect that leaves you with nasty (and unwarranted) reviews, all because of a missed opportunity to engage with a simple reply.But even if we’re not talking about customer service, ignoring comments translates to missed opportunities to boost your post’s visibility. Even a simple one-word answer – “thanks!” or “Great idea!” – is enough to get your original message seen by people who would otherwise have missed it.

Find more social media marketing tips for franchisors and franchisees at

Franchise Lead Generation

Today, we’re going to share one of our favorite techniques to improve franchise lead generation.

Read on to learn about the undeniable value of basic, whitehat external linking and how to punch up your existing content for best results on your next franchise lead generation campaign.

Creating quality links for better franchise lead generation 

Like it or not, simple linking tactics are still among the top 5 ranking factors for pages. That’s why, generally speaking, content that embraces the internet’s info-sharing essence by adding value with relevant, intuitive internal and external links performs better than its insulated, link-free counterpart.

Simply put, quality links give pages and posts a shot of life. When used properly, whitehat links send favourable signals to web-crawlers, while simultaneously improving the user experience, which in turn sends even more positive signals to further boost the visibility of your carefully-crafted copy.

The bottom line is that using simple link building tactics in your franchise lead generation campaign will get more eyes on your call-to-action content. And the amount of effort involved in adding links to existing content is minimal once you know what you’re looking for.

Still, for whatever reason, some websites are still stingy about link sharing. They don’t bother much with internal links, and there’s no way you’d find an external link in their franchise lead generation copy. Some feel that external links are distractions at best and “lead leaks” at worst; others swear that don’t have time to learn how to link properly, and fear getting nailed by Google penalties for unintentional black-hat practices.

Whatever their rationale, we know for sure that it’s costing their franchise lead generation campaigns dearly.

Whitehat linking tips for better franchise lead generation 

While it’s true that quality linking isn’t as easy as copy-and-pasting URLs from interesting sites, it’s easy to get the hang of, and the payoff is totally worth it.

So what does quality linking look like, you ask?

When linking to other people’s sites (aka external linking), always keep the user experience in mind. Any links should be totally relevant, add value to your content, and encourage the user to pick right up where they left off on your page.

For example, if you’re writing landing page copy for your franchise lead generation campaign, you might cite some compelling stats about favourable market or industry conditions. But instead of just typing the stat and moving on, you link directly to the study you’re referencing (do this with a sleek, subtle hyperlink, rather than dropping the actual long-form URL in the text body).

Now that’s a perfect external link. Not only is that study very relevant and useful to the reader, but it keeps them focused on the point of the page, which in this case is your franchise opportunity, rather than sending them down a rabbit hole. Google loves seeing relevant, valuable links being shared in this way, and will reward you for it.

Need another example of quality external linking? Google’s quality guidelines serve as a two-for-one example of quality external linking that’ll also tell you what not to do.

That’s a quality external link. We’ve been talking a lot about what makes a link good or bad, so why not hear it straight from the horse’s mouth? Google’s guidelines are interesting, valuable, and relevant to the discussion. We slipped it in seamlessly but without being deceptive in any way. Moreover, sharing a list of official Google linking “don’ts” doesn’t take away from this article – in fact, it supports its message. No funny business here, but we get a nice boost for participating in whitehat external linking practices that our users appreciate.

Whitehat linking like this is one way to give your franchise lead generation content a visibility boost, and it’s as easy as going back and adding quality links to your existing high-performance content. But, truth be told, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our blog for more information, or get it “straight from the horse’s mouth” by booking a free consultation – call 905 564 0020.