Is Your Website a Liability? Meeting ADA Compliant Website Guidelines for 2019

Is your website a legal liability? Are you alienating potential customers without even knowing it?

Today’s post highlights the importance of ADA compliant website guideline adherence in 2019, and explains how business owners can make sure they’re protected from accessibility lawsuits.

The Case of

Any Beyonce fans out there?

If so, you might have heard that Beyonce is currently being sued for failing to provide an ADA compliant website experience.

Mary Conner filed a civil suit against Parkwood Entertainment, which operates, on January 3rd in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Conner, who’s legally blind, claimed to be a lifelong fan of Beyonce, which made it all the more heartbreaking when she landed on only to encounter numerous barriers limiting her access to the information, multimedia, goods, and services offered on-site.

Conner went to to read up on her favorite artist, and to purchase a Christmas-themed “Holidayonce” pullover hoodie. But neither were possible because “the defendant has chosen to rely on an exclusively visual interface,” which makes it basically impossible for the visually impaired to navigate.

Conner’s lawsuit includes a long list of features that puts in violation of ADA compliant website guidelines, including:

  • No alternative or “alt” text or graphics
  • Inaccessible drop-down menus
  • Inaccessible navigation links
  • Inadequate prompting and labeling
  • Denial of keyboard-only access
  • Empty links that contain no text
  • Redundant links where adjacent links go to the same URL
  • Inability to complete purchases/transactions without a mouse

Conner’s counsel seeks a permanent injunction requiring Parkwood Entertainment to alter its discriminatory policies, practices, and procedures in order to bring the site up to date with current ADA compliant website guidelines. Conner also seeks attorney fees and compensatory damages at an undisclosed amount.

What does this case mean for your business?

First, it underscores the importance of adhering to ADA compliant website guidelines in 2019. Failing to do so can completely alienate huge portions of your audience, and literally cost you sales. In this case, Conner was a lifelong fan who saw Beyonce’s music as something that she could enjoy as much as anybody else. But Beyonce’s non-compliant website felt like a slap in the face–the virtual equivalent of refusing a wheelchair user access to your restaurant. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t put your customers through that–or anyone, for that matter.

But speaking of customers, this case shows how failing to meet ADA compliant website guidelines costs sales. Conner visited to buy a product, but was unable to. Rather than giving Beyonce money, Conner will likely end up taking a substantial amount.

Meeting ADA Compliant Website Guidelines in 2019

Even with the best intentions, it can be tough to make sure your web assets meet ADA compliant website guidelines.

Overhauling your site’s backend isn’t an intuitive task for most people, even if you get your hands on a high-quality checklist. Plus, to make matters worse, the checklist evolves over time, and you are responsible for keeping up to date.

For most business owners, the best option is to call in the professionals. ClickTecs is a digital marketing agency that specializes in ADA compliance. Using a 300+ point checklist created in-house using W3C/ADA guidelines, we have helped numerous business owners protect themselves from lawsuits and reduce liabilities. Members of our team are standing by to quickly audit your website, plan tactical fixes, and implement the changes you need to comply with these important accessibility regulations.

To learn more about our ADA compliant website guidelines, visit

Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing Question Queries for Franchise Development

Especially with the growth of voice search, more and more users are querying with complete questions, rather than Googling a jumble of keywords.

For example, a franchise development prospect might query: “What are the best franchises to buy?”

Accordingly, today’s post is all about how researching and optimizing for these “question queries” can boost your franchise development.

Why Bother with Question Queries for Franchise Development?

  • Endless creative content ideation. Great ideas are the heartwood of quality content and ad campaigns, both of which are critical for your franchise development in 2019. Fresh, inspired content is inherently more engaging than rehashed information, and usually makes for less competition compared to those well-worn ideas that everyone tries.
    Of course, creating fresh, inspired content is easier said than done. But perhaps not, if you’re paying attention to the questions your audience is asking. You don’t need to “think outside the box” if you can peer inside the minds of your audience; in fact, niche question research might be the #1 most powerful source of content inspiration. Gearing your content towards providing answers for queries being made by your target audience is a surefire route to successful franchise development.
  • Questions are highly engaging. When you ask questions, you naturally trigger an “answering reflex” in the human brain. Piquing the interest of your audience in this way is a great idea. Sprinkling questions into your landing pages and social media feed makes these assets much more compelling, getting more eyes on content driving franchise development.
  • Question research leverages the power of voice search. Franchise development teams are now starting to realize that voice search matters. A BrightLocal study found that 58% of consumers used voice search to find local business information within the last year, and that 46% of voice search users seek local businesses daily.

    Unlike traditional typed queries, voice searches tend to be phrased as complete questions. Thus, rather than typing “best franchise development strategies,” a voice search user would ask aloud, “What are the best franchise development strategies?” Conducting question research allows you to pinpoint queries and optimize for voice search to get a leg-up on the competition in 2019.

  • Question optimization increases organic search visibility. In addition to the ways mentioned already, question optimization makes your content eligible for “featured snippets” and Google’s “People Also Ask” results, which exponentially increases how far your franchise development content can reach.  

Getting Started with Question Research

Where do you look for question queries to incorporate into your franchise development content?

These two free and easy resources should get you started:

  • People Also Ask.

Google “People Also Ask” feature suggests related questions to a given query. To access this information, simply input a query that relates to your franchise development.

For instance, when you search for “what franchise should I buy?”, you’ll see the following questions in the “People Also Ask” box:

  • What is the best franchise to buy?
  • How much money do you make owning a franchise?
  • Which franchises are most profitable?
  • What’s the cheapest franchise to open?

Content geared towards answering these questions, which Google is telling us are popular, will yield better results than “scattershot” content that simply lists off random selling points.

  • Google Suggest

Google Suggest is the name for the auto-complete feature you may have experienced while typing into the Google search bar. Suggestions are made based on how other users query, which means we can safely assume all Google Suggest results have a solid search volume and demand.

From the Google homepage, start typing in a query related to franchise development. “Best franchise” is a good place to start. But don’t press enter to complete your search–instead, look at the suggestions being offered in the search bar. These Google Suggest results tell you what audiences are asking, and can form the basis of your franchise development content to attract more eyes and generate more leads.

Learn More About Optimizing Franchise Development with Question Query Research

Get in touch with our team at to start a free consultation and dig deeper into the art of researching, monitoring, and optimizing for user question queries to attract better candidates in 2019.