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Social Media Marketing for Franchises

2+ Billion people use Facebook, and over 1.66+ billion are accessing Facebook via a mobile device.  There are approximately 6.7 billion Smart Phones in the world that are connecting people the world over.  It’s human nature to be social and with the rise of social media networks, being socially connected has become commonplace. Social media marketing drives traffic to your site that originates from these social networks. Visitors are trusting reviews and comments left by other visitors on your site, more than they are believing your marketing message. Thus, having a social voice, and a means to start a conversation is essential to build a following of potential and future customers.

Social Media Marketing by ClickTecs

Our team of experts at ClickTecs know how social networks operate and what really gets traction on these channels. Our social media marketing team will help ensure that you are posting catchy headlines at specific times of the day on certain channels that are frequented by your target demographic.

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