Franchise Digital Marketing Top Tips to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rates

Franchise Digital Marketing: Top Tips to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rates

June 12, 2019 By

If e-commerce plays a part in your business, today’s post is for you. Our franchise digital marketing team has put together some great tips for increasing your online sales. Let’s dive right in!

Setting smart conversion goals for your franchise digital marketing

Everyone wants to generally increase their conversion rate, but it’s important to set specific goals. Striving for a specific sales number or conversion percentage allows you to better allocate resources, measure the rate of progress, and motivate your franchise digital marketing team. This milestone approach also gives you greater control of your franchise digital marketing budget.

In addition to being specific, conversion goals should be smart. Setting your monthly sales goal at $10,000,000 is specific, but it’s not smart. There’s nothing wrong with ambition, but rapid, astronomical jumps in sales and conversion rate aren’t realistic. Setting the bar high is a good thing, but unreachable goals might crush team morale.

So, what’s a good eCommerce conversion rate to shoot for?

The Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly is a good starting point. They provide regularly updated benchmarks on conversion rates for large e-commerce brands.

From this data, we know that the average conversion rate for franchises and other big brands is between 2 percent and 4 percent.

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t on this level yet. Big brands take time to establish these numbers.

Alternately, you may already be at 2-4%, and that’s good. But your big brand doesn’t want to be just average, right?

Ultimately, only you can decide what sales goal is best for your business. But remember: be specific, keep it attainable, but be ambitious! A 1-2% conversion rate increase is possible for almost anyone, especially with the tips shared below.

Top tips to triple e-commerce conversion goals

Make sure your franchise digital marketing team is implementing these conversion-boosting tips:

Fix your analytics and focus on pre-purchase events.

Analytics give real insight into how people use your franchise website. When used properly, they’ll show you obvious areas of improvement that need to be addressed in your conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy.
Many business owners aren’t tracking everything they should be. Specifically, they fail to find out which events are leading up to purchases. For instance, are your customers entering into your purchase page through specific categories, product lists, or information pages? Pinpointing these events can tell you which high-performance pieces of content to juice with advertising, as well as which ones require improvement. Talk to our franchise digital marketing team to learn more about event tracking.

Implement qualitative data tools.

You can ballpark based off best practices and get fair results, but you won’t really know what your customers are up to unless you see it. Using qualitative data tools (Hotjar, CrazyEgg, etc.) gives you real insight into customer behavior and lets you create heat maps, customer session recordings, user polls, conversion funnels, and more.

Display customer service information prominently.

Customer service is key with e-commerce due to the “digital divide” inherent to this purchase model. Customers don’t benefit from face-to-face service when buying online, but displaying your contact information is the next best thing. Make your phone number highly visible in the header, footers, and during the checkout process.

Optimize for mobile.

According to OuterBox, 77% of Americans use a smartphone. 79% of smartphone users have bought something online using their mobile device in the last 6 months. And almost 40% of all e-commerce purchases made during the 2018 holiday season were made on mobile. Clearly, there’s value in mobile optimization as part of your CRO strategy. This subject is too big to roll into a single tip, but we’ve got plenty of mobile optimization resources on-site that you can check out for free.

Learn more CRO tips for your franchise digital marketing

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