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July 21, 2012 By

July 21, 2012 by Jamshaid Hashmi

SAAS Based Home Repair Mobile Application Demo Video

SAAS Based Home Repair Mobile Application Demo Tutorial By ClickTecsWe just finished our full demo video for a SAAS based mobile application designed specifically for the iphone and catering to the Home Repair and Service Industry.  This SAAS based mobile application is designed to bring members of the service industry into the mobile realm and provide them with the functionality intended to simplify their business.

Any home repair company or commercial builder would most likely be interested in having access to tracking tools to allow for measurable metrics on their on-site team’s activity, their inventory and, of course, their level of customer satisfaction.  Perhaps you are a plumbing company who wants to track and measure the performance of your field technicians or maybe you are a roofing company who wishes to assign jobs to your roofers as fast as they come in…if any of these examples sound familiar, then this app was built for you.

SAAS Based Home Repair Mobile Application Demo Tutorial

Before we delve into our SAAS based home repair mobile application demo video below, I would like to highlight a couple of key features of this web based SAAS app:

First, as the calls come into your call center, the home screen of the mobile application allows for efficient and faster job assignments because you can quickly see which technician is available with the calendaring feature.

SAAS Based Mobile Application for Home Repair Industry

You are also able to track where the technician is located in reference to the potential client, based on the GEO location tracking.

This SAAS mobile application has a business intelligence dashboard that allows you to easily see which lead sources generate the highest return, and which technicians make you the most money.

Repair Service SAAS Solutions Mobile App Providers

In the web based SAAS application you can log in as the administrator who is going to receive incoming phone calls.  The attendant dashboard is specifically designed to provide information required to manage your technicians.

At the top is the job entry form where you can select the exact marketing campaign generating the phone calls.  The Predictive Search facilitates customer data to be pre-populated (if the customer exists in your database).  This speeds up the job assignment process.  By entering the zip code, the attendant is able to see a list of the technicians geo-located around the customer’s location.

The Scheduler window shows the available technicians and the jobs they may be currently serving.  These jobs are colour-coded for easy recognition.  (Red is assigned if the job has not been accepted, blue = job confirmed by tech, green = job completed and brown = job in progress).  Note: the application has dual functionality here making it possible for the attendant to ‘Force Assign’ a job into the technician’s calendar, or to put a job out for tender to multiple technicians.

On the right side we have a list of jobs that have not been accepted by the technicians, as well as those that have been accepted. Across the top we also have Alerts and a snapshot of jobs, invoices and payments to provide the business immediate visibility for the cash register.

The Job List Page has a search filter at the top to enable you to search by job ID, tech name, by customer name, skill required and date of job.  The Edit button beside each job allows the administrator to add notes and comments.Completed = ready to invoice.

The Invoice Page allows for invoices to be sent directly from the mobile phones carried by technicians, however, they can also be sent from the website application.  The attendant can edit the invoice, and confirm if payment is being processed.

The customer’s page allows the attendant to peruse through the customer data, the feedback they have given on various techs and a list of jobs (old and new).  There is a 5 star rating system that looks at invoicing, number of jobs, feedback from the survey, and gives the customer a 5 star value-based rating.

The Time Technicians page has personal and work related information for each technician, comments from customers on their work, and a job calendar of past & future jobs. The page also provides the user with the ability to add notes.

The Reporting tab is equipped with a lot of business intelligence so you can see which marketing campaigns are contributing to what percent of revenue and the actual dollars they are contributing to your bottom line.  The reporting also shows you Tec performance, so you can determine who is making you money, and who may be costing you money.  The revenue per call trending shows which marketing campaigns are getting traction at what time, so you can intelligently divert marketing dollars to the campaigns that are performing, therefore maximizing your ROI.

We hope you have enjoyed our brief tutorial on the home repair and service provider mobile application.  For more information please contact us.

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