Facebook Faux-Pas: Top 5 Mistakes Franchise Marketers Make

Facebook Faux-Pas: Top 5 Mistakes Franchise Marketers Make

April 16, 2018 By

With more than 2.13-billion active users as of the final quarter of 2017, Facebook (FB) franchise marketing has never been more valuable for brands.

Make sure you’re making any of these five mistakes with your FB franchise marketing campaign! Each one is costly, yet easily solved:

  • Inconsistent content. Develop a realistic content schedule and stick to it. A derelict Facebook page obviously hurts your brand’s visibility and recognition, but it also spurns any audience members you’ve successfully engaged. Inactivity tells customers you had better things to do then engage with your page, and encourages them to do the same.One of the easiest ways to avoid this mistake is with sound planning. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 1-2 posts per week is a good starting point for most FB franchise marketing campaigns. Aim to quality over quantity, and consistency at all costs. Editorial calendar tools can be helpful here, but even Facebook’s built-in scheduler works fine.
  • Begging for attention. Audience engagement is one of the most talked-about FB franchise marketing metrics, and for good reason. Every Like, Share, and Comment your content attracts increases its visibility exponentially, since those engaged users’ Friends and Followers follow their activities. So isn’t it a good idea to ask followers to do so?The truth is that Facebook actually buries these kinds of posts. In an effort to clean up “News Feed Spam,” Facebook has started cracking down on any content that explicitly asks for engagement as a way to exploit their algorithm. They call it “Like-baiting,” “Comment-baiting,” and “Share-baiting.”Don’t beg for attention – earn it with interesting videos, insightful questions, and useful information. Let the engagement happen organically.
  • Going all-organic. Organic content is the backbone of any FB franchise marketing strategy, but it should not be its entirety. Facebook has admitted outright that the power of their organic marketing reach is declining. The best results require that you “pay to play.”But don’t worry – it’s cheap and effective. A $1 boost can get a quality post tens of thousands of views. Facebook’s ad targeting tool gives you amazing specificity, so you can pinpoint users of certain ages, with certain interests, within a certain city block, all with a few simple clicks.Plus the performance metrics you get back from every campaign are extremely comprehensive, with info on total number of impressions, post engagement time, click-through rates, and more.
  • Ignoring the mobile majority. Two years ago, 1.51-billion of the 1.65-billion active Facebook users were mobile visitors. That’s a whopping majority figure that simply cannot be ignored. If you’re not optimizing your FB franchise marketing strategy for mobile users, you’re ignoring the needs of 92% of your audience.While we can’t enclose our entire mobile strategy in one article, we can give you a simple take-home tip to up your mobile marketing game: preview all your ads on your mobile device. You can schedule and design them on your desktop freely (this is often faster and easier on the hands), but preview with the mobile lens that most of your audience will be looking through. You’ll instantly see any problems with image cropping, message length, or button size.
  • Ignoring comments. Since Facebook introduced its business review and 5-star rating system, this personal networking app has slowly transformed into a customer research hub. And it’s also become a popular contact point for customer service, with as many as 71% of social media complaints being made on Facebook. With that in mind, innocent comment oversights now have major repercussions, as users will take this as you ignoring their complaints. This can have a snowball effect that leaves you with nasty (and unwarranted) reviews, all because of a missed opportunity to engage with a simple reply.But even if we’re not talking about customer service, ignoring comments translates to missed opportunities to boost your post’s visibility. Even a simple one-word answer – “thanks!” or “Great idea!” – is enough to get your original message seen by people who would otherwise have missed it.

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