6 Reasons Your Franchise Marketing Strategy Needs Mobile Optimization

6 Reasons Your Franchise Marketing Strategy Needs Mobile Optimization

September 25, 2017 By

Mobile optimization has been a focus of online marketers since 2015, when Google first announced that it would begin rewarding responsive sites. And yet, despite this announcement, some business owners are still dragging their feet.

In today’s post, we discuss 6 reasons why your franchise marketing strategy needs mobile optimization. Read on for some hard facts about leads and sales your unresponsive campaign could be costing you, then learn how easy it is to fix.

  • The majority of users are mobile. Today, mobile device usage accounts for two out of every three minutes spent online. This means that 66% of online activity is done on a mobile device. You’re probably reading this on a mobile device now! Moreover, 40% of mobile users indicate that they will bounce off unresponsive sites to find a mobile-friendly search result. Just imagine the reaction you’d have to this blog post if the text and images were distorted, poorly laid out, or forced you to zoom or scroll left-and-right to get the whole picture – you’d probably look elsewhere, too.The implications for your franchise marketing strategy should be clear: if you aren’t mobile optimized, you could be missing out of two-thirds of prospective clients and franchisees who would otherwise be happy to choose your brand!
  • Mobile users have laser-focused intent. Mobile searches result in faster and more consistent conversions than traditional traffic. One study suggests that 92% of people who search for products on a mobile device make purchases within a day of their query. In other words, mobile users have clear user intent, which is to buy your product, book your service, or request additional information about your franchise. Snubbing these users with a non-responsive franchise marketing strategy means missing out on major conversions.
  • Mobile optimization means better mobile SEO rankings. More than 100-billion Google searches are performed each month, and with mobile searching surpassing desktop back in 2015, the value of mobile SEO performance has never been clearer. Google pushed the majority of websites to mobile responsive models with their “mobile-friendly” designation in 2015, and their rewarding Mobile Friendly Algorithm is still in effect. Knowing this, it’s clear how a mobile-optimized franchise marketing strategy will be more visible than one comprised of desktop-only pages.
  • Mobile usage trends are unprecedented, and growing every day. More than 70% of adults own a Smartphone or tablet, which has led to unprecedented mobile usage trends. Today, as much as 60% of all Internet access (not just searches) is mobile, and these numbers are growing every day. Between December 2013 and December 2015, tablet internet usage grew by 30%, while smartphone rates shot up by a startling 78%!
  • Mobile-responsive content is easier to manage. Responsive websites consolidate all of your site management and tweaking into a single platform. This cuts the cost and time involved in web asset management in half compared to franchise owners who continue to maintain “.com” and “m dot” sites simultaneously.
  • Social media is mostly mobile. Thumbing through smartphone social media feeds accounts for about 70% of the time people spend on these platforms. Moreover, some social media is intended “strictly” for mobile use (though workaround software exists), such as Instagram and Twitter. With this in mind, it only makes sense that your franchise’s social media marketing strategy is mobile-optimized. If not, you could be spurning 70% of your potential audience.

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