7 Franchise Local Marketing Pitfalls And How to Avoid Them

7 Franchise Local Marketing Pitfalls And How to Avoid Them

February 9, 2018 By

Looking back at some of 2017’s greatest successes, today’s post shares 7 franchise local marketing pitfalls that we helped our clients avoid. Read on to learn how to achieve a powerful position in your geo-industry!

Preliminary Considerations for Franchise Local Marketing

Franchise local marketing optimization is an ongoing effort, but it starts long before your doors are open for business. These are some pre-opening mistakes that can impact your long-term local marketing capabilities:

  • Vague, unsearchable name. Consumers need to be able to find your company by Googling your business name. Though it’s possible for a franchise local marketing business called “Local Marketing” to build enough authority to rank on the first page for that keyword, it would take years of focused effort to beat the general definitions and strategic guides that this phrase is associated with. Steer clear of indistinct or overused phrases in your brand name for an instant local marketing advantage.
  • Using filter-sensitive locations. In an effort to avoid repetition and redundancy, Google tends to filter out local results with duplicate addresses. This can be bad news for business owners whose offices are located in the same building as competitors, as the filter could block out your local listing. If you have the luxury of choosing where your company sets up at this juncture, avoid filter-sensitive spots.
  • Unclear value proposition. Can you sum up the value your company offers the community in a few words? If not, you can’t expect your customers to do the same, which will make searches and keywords difficult to predict and target. Figure out what makes your company valuable in the geo-industry; maybe you’re the only business of its kind in the area, or the only one to offer a particular service.

Website considerations for Franchise Local Marketing

This section focuses on web design errors that you need to avoid for franchise local marketing purposes:

  • One-dimensional URL. If your company offers multiple services (or plans to expand in the future), be sure to avoid using a limiting URL that spotlights only a single aspect of your brand. At ClickTecs, we specialize in franchise local marketing, but we wouldn’t want to handcuff ourselves with “franchiselocalmarketing.com.” Choose your domain name with the big picture in mind, or pay the price in local search results down the line!
  • Strange domain name extensions. Nowadays business owners have plenty of eccentric domain name extension options, but we recommend you avoid them all. The “.com” extension is still the most trusted option, though “.ca” will be useful for franchise local marketing in Canada.
  • Limiting template-style sites. Template-style websites are great as a quick fix, but they’re definitely not ideal for franchise local marketing, which depends so heavily on steady, long-form organic content output. Template website builders sacrifice flexibility and local SEO power for ease of use by imposing page or word count limits on users. Custom web development is always the better option for the long run.
  • Missing contact information. Some franchise local marketing mistakes are simply unforgivable, and this is one of them! At minimum, your name, address, and phone number need to appear on every single page of your website. Some people prefer it in the masthead; others like it in the footer. Additionally, you should have a prominent Contact Page link featured in the main navigation menu. Rigorously audit your website for absent or erroneous contact information if you want to stand a chance in the local search rankings!

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