Marketing a Franchise in 2017 Pinpointing Local Search Ranking Factors

Marketing a Franchise in 2017: Pinpointing Local Search Ranking Factors

November 24, 2017 By

If your goal is successfully marketing a franchise in 2017, pinpointing factors is local search ranking key. Local business is your lifeblood, which makes local marketing even more important than the national campaigns your franchisor is running.

In today’s post, the ClickTecs team shares some local search ranking factors and strategies for marketing a franchise in 2017.

The devil’s in the details: Title and Meta tags.

If you’re looking to break down the minutiae of marketing a franchise in 2017, title and meta description tags are a good place to start. These HTML elements appear in Google search listings, and can be customized to reflect the content of their pages. While most website themes automatically generate these using the first 50-60/150 characters of your title/content, this isn’t an optimal approach, and it won’t do much for your local search performance.

Instead, we recommend treating title and meta tags like miniature advertisements. And like any piece of marketing campaign content, they should be carefully crafted. In the SEO world, it’s an art form; the best authors create unique, compelling, and descriptive tags that include the name of the city their franchises are located, as well as the surrounding area the business serves. Not only do these kinds of tags lead to better click through rates, but they also send important signals that influence local search ranking factors.

Don’t worry: ClickTecs puts this level of “TLC” into every web design and SEO package.

Citation frustration: The importance of online directories.

In the Information Age, Google is the new “Yellow Pages,” and with roughly 4 out of 5 consumers turning to search engines to find local products and services.

Many of these users turn first to trusted online directions, appreciating the non biased dynamic of third-party listings as well as the ratings and reviews.

Unfortunately, many business owners neglect to claim online local business listings like Yelp, Merchant Circle, and Citysearch, which means missing out on a huge audience.

When it comes to marketing a franchise in 2017, getting your company’s information listed accurately and consistently on respected, local online business directories is crucial. These assets are often referred to as “citations.” Run a search for keywords like “[CITY] business directory” or “[CITY] business reviews” to find the best places to register, but don’t be stingy; the more citations you create, the better.

Of course, you’ll need to claim your Google My Business (GMB) directory listing. This one’s big enough to warrant its own section, really. This free platform will get you incredible exposure, especially if you’ve got the SEO chops to quality for Google’s “local three-pack,” which appears at the very top of local searches in a distinct box. To get started, simply complete the verification process at and wait for your PIN to be sent in the mail.

CAUTION: It is imperative that your information is listed correctly. If not, Google will flag the discrepancy between listings and either display incorrect info, or penalize the listing with limited visibility.

First impressions matter: Court quality reviews.

When it comes to local search, good reviews are paramount. According to a recent survey, more than 80% of people trust online reviews as well as personal recommendations. Moreover, 70% of customers will write a review for your franchise when asked.

Good press is great anywhere, but try to focus your reviews on your business’s Facebook page and GMB (mentioned above). These platforms are highly influential, and rank highly as local search factors according to Moz’s 2017 survey

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