5 Quick Website Tweaks to Improve Franchise SEO

5 Quick Website Tweaks to Improve Franchise SEO

February 5, 2018 By

In today’s post, we share 5 quick website tweaks that improve franchise SEO fast.

#1: Create fresh content.

Let’s get this one out of the way first because it’s the most obvious, important, and commonly neglected tip we give.

Creating fresh content that is clear, valuable, and unique is the number-one thing you can do to improve the ranking of your website.

And besides being valuable, your content should be relevant to your business, without simply parroting product information and promotions.

A window cleaning franchise might share a few tips on squeegeeing; a franchise brokerage might share some investment research tips; and a franchise SEO company might write an article about on-site ranking tips!

Some content should also be written with search engines in mind. Even pages containing only product descriptions provide excellent opportunities to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other companies using duplicate descriptive content. Keep it fresh and push yourself to rewrite any stock lines.

#2: Be diligent with meta descriptions.

Building off the last point, every page on your site should have a unique meta description. Most websites use the first 150 characters of content as default descriptors for articles. But even the best opening lines usually don’t summarize the contents as well as a custom description could. And they almost never include contact numbers!

Approach your meta descriptions as though you’re writing ad copy. Every word needs to count towards enticing the user to click.

#3: Polish up your page URLs.

The best page URLs accomplish three things.

First, they’re short. Why force the user to type more than they have to? Short URLs work best for all advertising, from banner ads to business cards. Space is limited, so get to the point.

Second, they’re descriptive. Nobody wants to visit your “.com/gjdhq-127” link. It’s uninviting and even menacing in this era of Trojans and malware. The URL should be treated like a mini page title that tells the reader what to expect.

Finally, page URLs need to be stuffed with keywords. This not only helps the page you tweak, but also turns any internal linking into another keyword mention freebie!

#4: Use smart internal links.

Adding effective internal links is a handy franchise SEO tactic to boost your search engine ranking. This not only increases user engagement by creating a more immersive, “rabbit hole” experience, but also creates helpful keyword-building opportunities that help your site rank.

#5: Speed up your site’s loading time.

Google’s imperative is to link users with the best resources, and slow page load time is considered a major inconvenience. If your page takes more than 6 seconds to load, you’re likely losing valuable opportunities as impatient users bounce off your site before seeing what you have to offer.

So how can you speed up your site’s load time?

First, try compressing your images and removing any video that doesn’t add to the experience. Data-rich images and streaming videos can cripple page load speed, especially on mobile devices.

Depending on who built your site, you may need to consider switching hosting. Our web design team can help with that.

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