Pay to Win Optimizing PPC for Franchises with ClickTecs

Pay to Win: Optimizing PPC for Franchises with ClickTecs

June 5, 2019 By

Today’s post is all about PPC for franchises. Read on to learn whether SERP visibility is really a “pay to win” game, and how ClickTecs can help you design your PPC for franchises in ways that synergize with your exist online campaigns for better results.

Is search engine ranking a “pay to win” game?

The short and unsatisfying answer is “yes and no.”

We say “no” because you can get results without paying a cent. On its own, organic search engine optimization (SEO) can be enough to secure the #1 spot for keywords with low and mid-level competition. It takes time, though–lots of it–and you need to be producing content at a very high standard, but it’s totally possible.

We can also say “no” because PPC for franchises won’t work very well without a complementary organic SEO plan in place. You may get some immediate traffic and even enjoy a sales spike for a few weeks, but neither will last unless you’re constantly “feeding the meter.”

That said, you can pay your way to the top of the SERP. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will happily sell you listings, with your rank determined by the amount you’re willing to bid. PPC advertising also sets your website apart from the natural search results, which can improve visibility.

Ultimately, PPC for franchises is a powerful tool that offers you greater speed, flexibility, and reach. But like organic SEO, it’s not optimal on its own. PPC gives you powerful short-term results, while organic SEO is more of a slow burn that takes time to build but can benefit your business for years after getting established. Individually, both work well, but together, they truly shine.

So can you pay your way to the top with nothing more to your plan than PPC for franchises? Sure, but not for long, and not for cheap. And can you do it for free? Sure, if the competition is low enough, but it won’t be fast or easy.

The superior approach takes advantage of the best of both worlds. Coordinating these two campaigns in a way that creates synergy isn’t easy, but ClickTecs can help.

Optimizing your PPC for franchises with ClickTecs: A beginner’s guide

To maximize the performance of your PPC campaign (which, again, should be run in conjunction with organic SEO efforts), we recommend the following process:

  • Start by analyzing the market and competition. Identify local competitors that currently outrank you for targeted keywords. Make a note of search terms and monthly search volumes to help decide where to focus your budget. Higher search volumes yield higher traffic, but also typically attract more competition.
  • Create data-driven ads. Once you’ve chosen keywords to target based on search volume, relevancy, and competition, create copy for high-performing ads. Consider split-testing ad copy to see what performs best. Don’t hesitate to reverse-engineer ads that work well for the competition.
  • Track your campaign results. Track your average positions, click-through rate, cost per click, and results (leads, calls, sales, revenue, etc).
  • Manage your campaign. Successful PPC for franchises is about flexibility and smart adjustments. Constantly be on the lookout to tweak bids for each campaign. Monitor keyword search queries, adjust bidding depending on performance, keep an eye out for new long-tail keyword opportunities, and keep hunting for optimization opportunities.
  • Consider services beyond paid search campaigns. If you’re looking to branch into more PPC for franchises, consider landing page optimization, display ad campaigns, remarketing, LinkedIn advertising and other paid social media.

Obviously the art of PPC for franchises is beyond the scope of a single article, but this simple process should guide your learning and campaign management.

To learn more about PPC for franchises, and how to create synergistic organic SEO campaigns to take your results to the next level, visit our website.