Accept Only Empirical SEO Strategies for Franchises

Accept Only Empirical SEO Strategies for Franchises

April 18, 2019 By

Empirical SEO strategies (i.e. those which are proven and verifiable) are the only ones clients should be choosing to market businesses.

To that end, this post overviews some fraud-spotting tips and classic ClickTecs case studies to show our process works.

Know How to Spot Unproven Commodities

There’s a ton of bad advice out there. A quick Google search for “SEO strategies for franchises” evidences that.

In fact, there’s so many landmines out there that Search Engine Land stated independent franchise SEO was officially for masochists only.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Knowing how to spot an unproven commodity goes a long way, and it’s easy.

The most direct way is simply to ask for proof of results before you implement any of the firm’s SEO strategies for franchises. If they can’t drum up any evidence, they’re an unproven commodity–simple.

Some other red flags to watch for include:

  • Lack of centralized control of franchise business listings
  • Location page issues (or even more egregious, no unique location pages)
  • PAWN (Phone number, Address, Website, and Name) problems with franchise business listings/citations
  • Lack of unique local content
  • Limited examples of top-ranked content targeted competitive keywords

If the company in question is flying some of these red flags, beware.

For more information on red flags to watch for, check out this previous blog on local SEO franchise mistakes, which happens to sit at #1 in Google SERP for “common franchise SEO mistakes.” Or you can read this blog, which is ranked at #2.

Empirical SEO Strategies at Clicktecs: How We Boosted Organic Traffic In 58% in Just 12 Months

We’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk. This section shares the details of a recent 12-month SEO campaign conducted on behalf of the Kitchen Solvers franchise.

When we first started working with Kitchen Solvers, they were already an established brand. Founded in 1982 as a home-based business, the multi-dimensional remodeling franchise had since expanded throughout the United States and Canada.

As an established brand, they already had an established web presence and weren’t sure whether there was much room to grow. But we saw room for improvement, and started implementing some of our favorite SEO strategies for franchises right away.

Our objectives were clear:

  • Increase ranking for desired keywords targeting remodeling industry and prospective franchise owners
  • Increase organic and overall traffic to web assets
  • Fix crawl errors
  • Increase backlink authority
  • Increase conversions and conversion rate

To achieve these goals, we set out to create a custom franchise SEO strategy that focused on citation building, well-research content marketing, and interactive social media community engagement. The plan emphasized ongoing adjustments and optimization focused on crawl error audits, keyword research, meta tag optimization, sitemap creation, pagespeed enhancement and social media syndication.

The results were undeniable. Within 12 months of taking over the account, our SEO strategies for franchises yielded:

  • 58% increase in organic traffic
  • 52% increase in conversions
  • 95% increase in goal conversions
  • 72 keywords in Google’s first page
  • 12.88% decrease in bounce rate
  • 5300 high quality backlinks created

You can find more case studies and client reviews like this on our website at

But if you’ve seen enough, give us a call at 866-311-7189 to learn more about SEO strategies for franchises and how the ClickTecs team can deliver empirical results for your business in 2019.