2 Ways to Grow Traffic Past the Top Spot

Life After SERP Success: 2 Ways to Grow Traffic Past the Top Spot

October 23, 2017 By

Broadly speaking, franchise internet marketing is a (deceptively) simple process:

  • We identify how people are searching for the client’s product or service. If we’re working with franchisors, we pinpoint how good prospects search for quality franchise opportunities.
  • We build content that aligns with our searchers’ intent and gives a reason to engage your online presence – sometimes nothing more than a few key landing pages, other times entire sites and web assets from scratch.
  • We optimize your content to make sure Google crawlers can find, understand, and reward it with good visibility via high rankings in search listings.
  • We wait for the glorious tides of traffic to roll in and take the action we want them to, whether that’s to visit your franchise location or pick up the phone and inquire about business opportunities in their area.

Of course, it isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, but a dedicated combination of paid search advertising, social media optimization, and SEO typically meets and surpasses the traffic goals our clients set when we begin working together.

But then what’s the next step? You aim higher, of course, but what happens when you’ve hit the point where you’re attracting the majority of the search volume available to you? Surely your business’s marketing growth shouldn’t idle.

Where does franchise internet marketing go once you’ve hit the top spot in SERP?

Today’s post is about getting your franchise internet marketing past any plateaus you may have reached. We’re going to share 2 simple tactics you can use to build relevant traffic past SERP and search volume parameters.

Next Steps for Your Successful Franchise Internet Marketing Campaign

  • Invade neighboring territories. Once you’ve conquered the SERP listing for your local market, it’s time to start eyeing vulnerable verticals adjacent to your industry. Start with related products and find opportunities to assert your brand into the conversation. While this won’t directly increase your clientele, it will increase your brand’s authority and promote better visibility.For example, a fitness franchise owner dominating local keyword searches related to personal training might start to fight for visibility in searches related to supplements or home workouts. Searchers who want supplements and DIY training ideas won’t necessarily be looking for gym memberships or personal training, but they’ll remember your brand name in association with these things. Moreover, if they get valuable info from your content, they’ll be more likely to seeing your company as a true authority in the industry, which can secure sales down the road.You should have an advantage when branching into these new spaces because your brand image, domain, website, and social following is already strong. Deploying these assets to beat less competitive ancillary sectors can give you more traffic than you’re seeing in the top spot for your primary industry or territory.
  • Explore viral growth options. Some brands have had great success capturing leads and generating views outside of traditional SEO by actively trying to create viral (or at least highly sharable) content.For example, AutoTrader has been getting praise in the franchise internet marketing community for its hiring of automotive experts to essentially geek out in highly informative and compelling video breakdowns of rare cars that appear in their listings.Though these are basically just big advertisements, they are highly popular, with some getting millions of views. Granted, many of those views are from car enthusiasts with no thoughts of buying a car, but there’s always the chance that informational queries can be turned into buyer intent!

    Going viral isn’t as easy as it sounds, with shareable and engaging content taking a lot of time and effort, and it’s not enough to support franchise internet marketing on its own. But if you’re already sitting at the top spot, crafting highly shareable content that appeals to people outside of your stricter SEO keyword targets can help you get the traffic you want.

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