4 Common Mistakes Made With Websites for Franchises

4 Common Mistakes Made With Websites for Franchises

February 1, 2018 By

Today’s post spotlights 4 common mistakes we see with websites for franchises. Whether you’re a single unit owner or executive-level franchisor, this list can help your site convert!

4 Things to Avoid with Websites for Franchises

1- Overusing PDF primers. Offering free information packets for download as PDF files is very helpful for converting prospective franchisees into leads with a real interest in buying, but it shouldn’t be the end-all be-all of your website.

If that PDF file is the only place to find the valuable information it contains, you’re losing a lot of potential viewers.

Most users hate when their browsing gets interrupted by a PDF file. It breaks their flow, forces them to cycle through 2-3 different apps or functions, and moves them off-site into a viewer.

Adding insult to injury, most PDFs open with impossibly small font, forcing us to zoom in.

Why run users through these hoops when they’re already on-site?

PDF downloads can be a good metric to measure the performance of a particular landing page or ad campaign. And they’re great for files the user will want to print and distribute, such as manuals or registration forms. But they shouldn’t be the only place to find your cornerstone content.

2- Failing to change the color of visited links. Any SEO expert will tell you that a good sitemap, navigation, and usability can make or break websites for franchises. And yet hundreds of websites for franchises are still guilty of failing to change the color of visited links.

Having fresh links appear blue and used links appear purple, for example, is key for effective site navigation. This simple tweak makes a huge difference to the user, who will suddenly have a much better grasp of their location and destination on-site.

Websites for franchises that don’t implement this color-coding tactic disorient their users. Revisiting the same pages over and over then bouncing off-site suddenly are telltale signs of user disorientation that need to be addressed if your brand message is ever going to get across.

3- Outdated information. We see websites for franchises cluttered up with outdated information every day. When we ask why, the most common answer we get is that the franchisor isn’t web-savvy enough to hop on and change things manually. But that’s no longer a valid excuse – you now have the option of working with user-friendly templates or simply hiring a web design team (ahem!). Whatever you choose is better than the alternative: losing clicks, credibility, and clients.

Even sites with “evergreen” content and information should make an effort to signal that there’s still a pulse every once in a while. This could be as simple as a post wishing your readers a relaxing weekend, or as comprehensive as a franchise-wide seasonal promotion. Any kind of new content adds new life.

4- Too many colors and fonts. Web design gives you thousands of font and color options, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Practice restraint! Modern users appreciate sleek design and consistency. Keep your palette small and stay uniform with your typeface. Use this aspect of your design as another opportunity to reinforce your visual branding.

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