5 Digital Marketing Stats That Will Change Franchise Advertising in 2018

5 Digital Marketing Stats That Will Change Franchise Advertising in 2018

June 18, 2018 By

Today’s post overviews 5 game-changing digital marketing stats, along with how to make the most of these trends for your franchise advertising in 2018. Let’s get into it!

  • 60% of searchers have started using voice search within the last year.

    Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana give any smartphone user the ability to literally ask their phone anything, while smart speaker hubs like Amazon Echo bring the same capabilities to any room in the home or office. Unsurprisingly, Google’s voice search tool is booming, with more prospective franchisees asking about opportunities aloud than ever before.

    So how does that impact for your franchise advertising in 2018?

    First of all, it might change your content goals. Feature Snippets will be more important than ever, since voice search reads these to answer queries. Thus, franchise advertising geared toward voice searchers should target this coveted “rank 0” spot.

    Furthermore, since nearly 40% of users use voice search to find business information, franchise advertising should fine-tune their local SEO. Polish and proofread your Google My Business Page, keep building your online reviews, and look into structured data markup to ensure your business gets mentioned when investors ask Siri, “What are the best franchise opportunities near me?”

  • Peak email marketing times are between 4pm and 8pm.

    If you’ve implemented email campaigns as part of your overall franchise advertising strategy, be sure to send them within this window. Too many franchisors send their email blasts much earlier in the day, which makes sense because that’s when they’re at work – but so are most of your prospects! Sending inside that 4pm to 8pm window gets you the top spot in their inbox, and still catches your reader before they’ve relaxed for the evening. Importantly, though, this ideal window will change depending on the industry you’re dealing with, as well as the demographic you’re trying to target, so it’s important to consult the data before getting started.

  • The average conversion rate for websites that include video is 4.8%, compared to 2.9% for those who don’t.

    Even simple videos of narrated copy over cartoon visuals will up your audience engagement. If you’re really short on funds for production, embed someone else’s videos that your readers might find interesting – an industry overview, some relevant safety tips, or a tutorial for raising start-up funds for your prospective franchise.

  • Content marketing costs less than traditional marketing and generates nearly 3x the number of leads.

    Content marketing is a high-performance franchise advertising strategy because it gives the reader value, rather than simply stuffing a message in their face. It’s also a high-value option for franchisors because one great piece of evergreen content will continue to pay you back until the day other content beats it so badly that it falls off of page-one – which could be never!

  • 92% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn for their advertising campaigns.

    These numbers will likely only increase as Facebook tightens the noose with their strict external link penalty system. If you’re not incorporating LinkedIn into your franchise advertising strategy already, you’re behind the curve.

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