4 Strategies for Effective Re-Sharing: Making the Most of Franchise Advertising

4 Strategies for Effective Re-Sharing: Making the Most of Franchise Advertising

October 2, 2017 By

When it comes to franchise marketing, they say that “content is king,” and in this regard, fresh content is always going to rule the roost.

But that doesn’t mean every piece you post is only good for a single use.

Content re-sharing is a perfectly viable franchise advertising tactic that big brands frequently use to save time and money, but it remains criminally underused in the small business and franchise worlds.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest misconceptions about content re-sharing is that it’s a “spammy” form of franchise advertising, which is utter nonsense if you’re going about it properly.

Educating yourself on proper re-sharing strategies is one of the simplest changes you can make to get more value out of every dollar you spend outsourcing content production. Re-sharing works double-time for your brand – not only do you get another “use” out of your content, which means another chance to capture leads, generate traffic, and impress Google crawl-bots, but you free up time or money that would otherwise be spent creating fresh materials, which can be redirected towards growing your business in other ways.

Simply put, re-sharing gets more results out of quality content by upping its exposure. It involves almost no extra work, and will typically more than double the value of any written content.

That said, there’s more to successful re-sharing than dropping the same link twice. Read on to learn 4 strategies for effective re-sharing, courtesy of the ClickTecs team.

  • Repackage your re-shares with relevant captions. We said re-sharing involves little tweaking, we’re sticking to it; for the most part, the original post can remain untouched, but a bit of effort spent writing something engaging before you drop the link again can go a long way.For example, a window cleaning franchise might reintroduce a previous post on cleaning salt stains in the winter, and make reference to a big storm that just hit locally in the caption. This makes the post more engaging for local readers, and gets this re-share out of “spam” territory by adding relevant information.
  • Aim for evergreen content from day-one. Evergreen content refers to posts that continue to yield results indefinitely. These posts pass on timeless, useful information in clear and concise ways, rather than piggybacking on current events that will quickly become irrelevant. This kind of content is easy to re-share, like the salt stain cleaning article used in the previous point’s example, and serves double-duty boosting your brand’s authority in the industry. Aim for these kinds of posts where possible during the production phase.
  • Speak to different prospects with your re-shares. Re-sharing is most effective when it targets new readers. The pace of social media means you’ll rarely have the same person see your post twice, so the risk of annoying readers with word-for-word reposts is tiny, but you can still optimize your results by targeting different audiences with every re-share. This usually comes down to changing your social share caption, but subtle heading, title, or copy tweaks can take this tactic the extra mile.Turning back to our window cleaning franchise example, the salt stain cleaning content could first be presented as a way to clean your dorm room windows to build authority in younger demographics. The next time it’s used, the same tips could be presented as a how-to guide for property managers keeping their investments in shape. As you can see, this engages completely different people with each re-share.
  • Automate infrequent re-sharing of top-tier content. Though some re-shares require a bit of T.L.C to keep them relevant, some powerhouse content can stand entirely on its own. If your metrics show that a particular piece of content is a high-performer, consider automating re-shares 3-4 per year. Don’t worry about audiences rejecting this as spam; 3-4 months is an eternity in the social media space, and odds are nobody will see and remember the same ads twice. With a few easy clicks and five minutes of your time, you can set up a 1, 3, or 5-year re-sharing schedule that will increase the exposure of your best content exponentially.

These four tips should help you get more value out of every piece of content you outsource, without feeling spammy.

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