What to Look for in WCAG Compliance Testing Services

What to Look for in WCAG Compliance Testing Services

December 21, 2018 By

You want an accessible website but you don’t know where to turn.

Have no fear–today’s post lays out some essential things every WCAG compliance testing company should offer.

Read on to learn what makes ClickTecs a WCAG compliance testing authority and what to look for in accessibility services.

WCAG Compliance Testing Experience

The explosion of website accessibility lawsuits over the past couple years has gotten lots of people talking about WCAG compliance testing–and rightly so. Spotting this panicked new demand, some web marketing companies rolled out WCAG compliance testing services overnight, hoping to capitalize.

Those are not the companies you want to partner with for your WCAG compliance testing. Choosing experienced providers with proven results is the only way to ensure you’re protected in this strange legal climate.

ClickTecs has been at the forefront of WCAG compliance testing services for years.

But don’t take our word for it–check out this video we posted more than 6 years ago highlighting the utility of one of our powerful website auditing tools.

This particular tool was designed to provide online competitive analysis for websites, and to quantify their performance in a number of key areas, such as content, marketing, technology, and (you guessed it) accessibility.

But that’s not the only tool in our arsenal. Our WCAG compliance testing process involves a number of W3-approved tools, along with a 300-point accessibility checklist developed by our accessibility specialists.

In other words, we’ve been doing this for awhile. The sensationalization of website accessibility as a result of exploitative lawsuits is a relatively new development, but ClickTecs has been leading the charge in WCAG compliance testing “back before it was cool.”

Cross-Platform Accessibility Testing Expertise

Getting your website in order is a good start, but it isn’t the only thing that will require testing. That’s like a restaurateur adding accessibility parking but not making their building wheelchair accessible. Business owners need to ensure all products, websites, documents, and mobile applications are accessible for people with disabilities.

ClickTecs is a one-stop shop for your digital accessibility needs. We specialize in franchise WCAG compliance testing, and have helped small, medium, and large businesses bring websites, documents, and ad campaigns up to code.

Plus, as co-creators of FranchiseSoft, the WCAG-compliant franchise management software used in multiple countries, the ClickTecs team has proven expertise in software and mobile application accessibility.

A Trusted Reputation and Strong WCAG Compliance Testing Endorsements

Who better to tell you about ClickTecs’ reputation and WCAG compliance testing than a valued client?

Gary Prenevost is a longtime ClickTecs service user and one of the top FranNet franchisees in North America with more than 17 years of experience. When asked what stood out about ClickTecs WCAG compliance testing services, Gary had this to say:

“Well, the first thing is the attentiveness,” he told ClickTecs in a testimonial. “If I have questions, the speed at which I’m getting the answers. I’m expecting two, three, four weeks, but it’s coming back in days. It’s really fast, and what I’ve asked them for is thorough. I’m able to make better decisions with the information that’s coming back, like with my website, which I thought was an adequate website.”

So would Mr. Prenevost recommend ClickTecs WCAG compliance testing services?

“Absolutely,” Prenevost smiles. “I’m suggesting that others enter the annual contract that I have. So I’m very happy.”

You can find more testimonials at https://www.youtube.com/user/clicktecs/videos.

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