Understanding Google Algorithm Implications for Content and Social Media Marketing

Understanding Google Algorithm Implications for Content and Social Media Marketing

December 29, 2014 By

Sometimes referred to as the SkyNet of our generation, Google has concretized its place as an internet industry leader due to its campaign of multi-platform expansion and search engine dominance. Advertisers and small business owners alike are in a position where adhering to Google’s policies and practices is pivotal to securing more customer conversions. Staying mindful of the latest updates to Google algorithms allows online marketers and business owners to vie for high-ranking spots in Google search results, which is instrumental when it comes to driving traffic towards your website. ClickTech search engine optimization experts are very familiar with the need to keep pace with Google updates to maintain a front-runner position in the competitive and oversaturated online marketplace. With this idea in mind, it is important for business owners and marketers to familiarize themselves with Google’s latest algorithm updates. Read on to learn how Google’s recent algorithm changes affect content marketing and social media use, so that ClickTech can propel you towards the head of the online marketplace!

How can companies prepare for Google algorithm updates?

2014 has seen Google push out new content and service updates at a frenetic pace. Major changes have been made to Penguin and Panda algorithms, and the recent Hummingbird platform has fully matured and taken flight. The variety of changes made by Google executives have only worked to increase to need for SEO specialists, so that small businesses’ best chance of preparing for the future and remaining competitive lies in investing with ClickTech SEO experts.

The myriad of changes released by Google in the past 12 months have exciting implications for ClickTech SEO specialists. Changes to spam-fighting protocols and ranking systems have allowed smaller SEO budgets to remain competitive when driven by solid and fresh content. That is to say that algorithm updates have now enhanced the value of qualified ClickTech SEO strategies, as small-scale businesses are given new opportunities to be noticed by online audiences. New updates have impacted the ability of budget-heavy websites to “cheat” their way to peak Google rankings, and have heavily penalized websites that offer content with limited value to consumers. The key to success in the post-update Google era is to produce high-quality content, a field where ClickTech content marketers excel.

Google algorithm updates’ effect on Content Marketing

With the updates to Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, Google will be paying rapt attention to company websites that provide online audience with strong and original content. Google has made clear their intention to support companies that offer useful services to users, as part of their attempt to help shape a streamlined and efficient internet experience. Keeping these changes in mind, ClickTech recommends investing in high-quality content creation in order to access the following benefits:

  • Target relevant audiences with your business. High-quality content answers user queries about products or services that are directly related to what your small business offers them. This means that when seeking answers to their questions, audiences will be diverted to your company’s content, and will be highly likely to convert and take action with your company as a result.
  • Encourage broader audiences through sharing. Everybody online likes to be the person “in the know,” and consequently, if your company’s content is useful, informative, and engaging, people will be compelled to share it with friends and social circles. Regular sharing and broad audience engagements such as these are the foundation of good social signals, which are vital to establishing your online brand identity.
  • Appear relevant, up-to-date, and authoritative. Good-quality content takes note of the questions floating around the industry and seeks to answer them. When people see your company associated with the answers to their new questions, your company is perceived as having its finger on the pulse of the industry. Your brand will become recognized as an industry authority, and sought out for a variety of answers to industry-relevant questions, thereby increasing the sizes of your audiences in a big way.

Google algorithm updates’ effect on Social Media

Content marketing is not the online component of the online marketing industry that has been affected by Google updates. Social media has long been an industry staple, but new changes encourage business owners to diversify their platform of choice. The monolithic platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are rarely given inadequate attention, but others such as Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram are increasing in popularity and demanding new attention. It is no longer sufficient to target one or two platforms. Google+ profiles are now very important for social media marketing positions, with this platform’s presence being a major contributing factor to acquiring a solid SEO ranking. Business owners should approach ClickTech specialists for help, or try to establish Google Authorship on their own by tying content to their Google+ accounts. Finally, the use of “+1s” is looking to factor greatly into SEO positioning in the future, so companies should take heed of these pending changes, or seek out ClickTech specialists for help!