Top 5 suppliers in the Franchise Marketing category

Top 5 Suppliers in the Franchise Marketing Category

August 26, 2019 By

August 22, 2019 – Entrepreneur Magazine announced the Top Franchise Suppliers for 2019 and ClickTecs  was ranked in the Top 5 suppliers in the Franchise Marketing category.

Entrepreneur surveyed over 500 franchisors to determine this year’s ranking of the Top Franchise Suppliers. The franchisors were asked which supplier they use and to rate how satisfied they are with the quality, cost, and value of their supplier’s services. The scoring was based on the survey results and the rankings were narrowed down to the highest scoring service providers in each of the 10 categories.


ClickTecs, a full service Digital Marketing Agency, has worked with over 100 franchisors in the last several years to provide website design, search engine optimization and social media marketing services.  In addition, FranchiseSoft, a SaaS company that Hashmi co-founded ranked in the top suppliers by Entrepreneur Magazine in the Technology category.  FranchiseSoft offers a CRM and Operational modules that help franchisors utilize technology to manage their franchise sales and operations.

CEO and Founder, Jam Hashmi has spent over 18 years in franchising, having originally worked through the ranks of a digital marketing franchise as the VP of Development helping place over 400 franchisees in that system before venturing out and starting his own Digital marketing Agency ( and Franchise Management  Software ( company.

“To have both the companies ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine is such an honor, and to do it in back  to back  years has been a true testament to our team’s dedication to put customers and their needs first,” said  Hashmi.  “We continue to set the bar higher internally and try to create a culture of collaboration and high performance throughout the organization.  The end goal is to help our customers.  When our customers win, we win.”

To learn more about how ClickTecs or FranchiseSoft can help your business, feel free to contact them at 866-311-7189 or connect with Jam on  Linkedin