Quick Fire Franchise Marketing Support: Spot-Treating 2 Disastrous Social Media Mistakes

Quick Fire Franchise Marketing Support: Spot-Treating 2 Disastrous Social Media Mistakes

January 25, 2019 By

Today’s post spotlights 2 common social media mistakes that can have disastrous consequences for your business. Read on to learn what not to do for your franchise’s social media presence, and how to fix these problems, courtesy of our franchise marketing support team.

Ignoring Customer Comments

You’d never ignore a customer who walked into your brick-and-mortar business, right?

And yet, many franchise owners fail to respond to customer comments left on their social media pages.

A few months ago, we wrote a post about how users expect replies to their Google My Business reviews because they know owners are now automatically alerted as soon as the comment is sent. This simple alert has changed the entire social dynamic; what was once an opportunity for a one-sided review is now considered a forum in which customers can publically interact with business owners.

This is exactly what customers expect with their social media comments–even more so, in fact, because the average customer is more likely to have a social media account of their own (and thus know how the alert system works) than a GMB page, and because social media is meant to be a conversational, interactive platform.

Research has found that 42% of consumers complaining on social media expect a response in sixty minutes or less.

Failing to meet the consumer’s expectations here can really hurt you. First of all, you’re potentially burning a bridge with a customer whose complaint could have been resolved in a way that made them brand-loyal for life. But more importantly, the neglected comment stays on your feed for all to see. At best, it makes your company look a little negligent or understaffed; at worst, you look like you don’t care.

Investing a few seconds to write a unique, engaging response to customer comments goes a long way. Publically resolving a complaint is a fantastic opportunity to flex your customer service skills in a highly visible forum. And even taking the time to acknowledge a positive review or comment with a simple thank-you is worth it in the long run.

Make sure to customize your notifications so that customer comments get priority. Contact our franchise marketing support for help if needed!

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

One oft-overlooked key to successful social media marketing is to pick a handful of relevant platforms, rather than trying to use every social media site in existence. Juggling too many social platforms usually leads to blown marketing budgets, mismanaged assets, and duplicate content.

Choose 1-3 social media sites that work for you. For example, visually oriented businesses may perform better on Instagram than Twitter; other businesses that appeal to family and friends usually find a home on Facebook.

Make sure your chosen platform is heavily populated by your target audience–you can contact our franchise marketing support team to help you pinpoint the best channels. For instance, branching into Snapchat, which is most popular among Millennials and Gen Z, may not be best to promote your senior care company. Similarly, trying to get in on the ground floor with every new social media platform usually isn’t worth it–wait until there’s an audience established, then consider expanding into these digital communities.

Conversely, if your brand sees value in dominated all available social media channels, consider working with our franchise marketing support team to ensure you’ve got fresh, engaging, high quality content everywhere.

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