How Can Franchise Development Companies Help My Brand in 2020?

How Can Franchise Development Companies Help My Brand In 2020?

August 19, 2020 By

The value franchise development companies offer big brands is beyond the scope of a single 1000-word article, so today’s post homes in on how we help build websites and reputations that get more leads.

The Importance Of Quality Franchise Websites In 2020

New research supporting the value of quality franchise website design is published every day. Here’s a few recent findings foregrounding the essentiality of quality websites in 2020:

Clearly, website quality is critical for franchises aiming to align their marketing and development efforts with franchise-buying habits in 2020.

How Franchise Development Companies Build Quality Sites

When it comes to franchise website development solutions, ClickTecs has the skill, experience, and technology to get you results, plus the track record to prove it.

We offer end-to-end web services and the kind of “one-stop shop” convenience that only truly multidisciplinary franchise development companies provide.

When you work with our team, we guarantee:

  • Attractive websites with modern designs and custom graphic integration
  • Intuitive, user-friendly navigation
  • Fast-loading franchise websites
  • Optimized franchise website architecture
  • Complete search-engine optimization
  • Seamless mobile responsiveness/adaptive web design

But don’t take our word for it—the results speak for themselves.

First, check out our franchise website development page, where you can get some more technical details about our services and browse all the customer testimonials and real franchise websites our team designed.

Next, we recommend clicking over to our Case Listing page, where you’ll find real case studies on the impact franchise web development can have on a business (e.g. 58% organic traffic boost in just 12 months!).

The Importance Of Reviews For Franchise Development In 2020

Regardless of how you feel about the trustworthiness of reviews, there’s no doubting their effect on franchise’s search visibility.

While breaking down the most influential ranking factors, Moz research measured the impact of online reviews at 15.44%. That makes reviews more influential than both on-page signals and citation signals, and only about 1% less impactful than direct linking signals (e.g. inbound anchor text, linking domain authorities, linking domain quality, etc).

The term “review signal” can be further subdivided into at least three distinct metrics:

  1. Review quantity—How many reviews does your local franchise accumulate?
  2. Review velocity—How quickly does your franchise accumulate new reviews?
  3. Review diversity—How many different third-party sites feature reviews about your franchise?

Companies with greater review quantity, review velocity, and review diversity tend to outperform those that accumulate less reviews over longer periods on fewer sites.

Review diversity is particularly important nowadays, as it increases your brand exposure and makes it easier for diverse audiences to access your reviews on their preferred platforms. For instance, roughly 18% of American adults (mostly older users) still use Yahoo logins, and this older crowd may find it frustrating if all your reviews cannot be accessed without a Google+ account.

In most cases, franchise reviews form the basis of customers’ brand research, which means they can positively or negatively influence local franchise sales. Likewise, they’re also one of the first things prospective franchise owners seek out in order to get a sense for the company they’re planning to invest in. Not only do reviews help prospective franchisees assess the company’s reputation among the general public (and depending on where you seek reviews, this information can be highly localized), but they also give the researcher insight regarding the company’s “web-savviness,” which is an increasingly vital franchise criteria in 2020.

More importantly, though, reviews help get your franchise website that prized page-one ranking—and as research has shown, SERP position greatly affects user click-through rate (CTR), with even the 9th and 10th position on page-one earning a paltry sub-2% CTR. Thus, even if you don’t subscribe to the idea that reviews affect your business’s reputation and sales potential, there’s no arguing their impact on basic SEO and web visibility.

How Franchise Development Companies Cultivate Quality Reviews

While it’s true that positive reviews require quality products, services, and customer experiences, these do not guarantee a fast and steady influx of reviews across different platforms. That’s where the services of franchise development companies make all the difference.

ClickTecs’ online reputation management (ORM) service is dedicated to measuring, monitoring, tracking and creating constructive conversations about your brand’s online identity. Our process encompasses the following:

  • Monitoring online conversation about your brand across multiple review sites, forums, and social channels
  • Identifying potential areas of improvement based on review trends and feedback
  • Devising methodical strategies
  • Ensuring review diversity by encouraging discussion along multiple channels
  • Increasing responsiveness on review sites; publicly addressing concerns to mitigate the damaging effects of negative feedback
  • Coordinating individual franchise activities to drive reviews (e.g. authorizing small discounts for customers that leave honest reviews)
  • Stimulating positive discussions about your brand to supplement reviews during customer/prospective franchisee research
  • Increasing the visibility of positive reviews and brand discussions via interlinking strategies, custom blog content, and social media interactions
  • Diversify reviews using testimonial pages, video testimonials, social media excerpts, and more

If you’d prefer to let the results speak for themselves, check out our reviews (BirdEye, Google My Business, and Facebook are a few great places to start) or visit our Video Testimonials page.

Free Franchise Development Company Consultation With ClickTecs

Truth be told, we’ve hardly scratched the surface with today’s post. To learn more about how we can drive leads, optimize your pay-per-click campaign, manage social media assets, and inform your marketing strategy with detailed metrics, call 866-311-7189 or fill out the contact form on the ClickTecs Contact Page.

Unlike other franchise development companies, we offer 100% free consultations with no sales pressure—we just want to discuss what’s possible and show you recent results.

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