6 SEO Strategies for Franchises That Really Work

6 SEO Strategies for Franchises That Really Work

August 16, 2019 By

SEO is a very difficult process to understand, especially if you’re new to the entire thing. While it can be tough to learn what is needed in your SEO campaign, one thing is for certain, and that’s the fact that local SEO gets overlooked far too often. Local SEO could not only change the way people look at your business online but locally and in-person as well.

As a franchise, local SEO should be something that always piques your interest. The best way to go about marketing your company could be through SEO efforts, and we’re going to be looking at 6 of them in this article today – these tips could be the difference between maintaining a local presence, and being swept into obscurity.

List Your Business Locations on Google Maps

Listing the locations of your businesses online is an efficient and easy way to boost your local SEO rankings. When potential customers can Google the name of your company and see locations for them to check out, it’s going to make growing your brand much easier.

List Your Business Locations on Yelp

Much like Google, Yelp is yet another popular search engine that people use to find companies online. By listing the location of your businesses on Yelp, you’re allowing customers and clients to find your brand with haste. It’s quite difficult these days to find a company that isn’t present on both Google and Yelp.

Use Keywords Based on Your Location

The location of your business is going to give you a great base in regards to finding local SEO keywords. You’ll want to start with the name of your local city in most cases, and work your way out from there – most companies will use both their local and surrounding city names.

Be Sure to Consider Your Location Before Making a Website

The location of your company will always need to be considered before you create the website, as you don’t want anything to seem “foreign”. Appealing to the local crowd could start with the theme of your website, or simply the keywords being used in the content.

Brand Consistently

Brand as consistently as possible, which means try and keep everything organized and on schedule. Use the same city names whenever possible, as well as ensure that all of the right keywords are being implemented within all of your content.

Ask Customers to Leave Reviews Online

If a customer is satisfied with their service or product, suggest that they leave a review online. Reviews can paint a picture of your business for potential customers before they have even seen you in person, which is very important.

While local SEO efforts might seem a bit “old school” to some people, it’s some of the most effective marketing tactics that you could apply to your business. Many people forget about their local SEO campaigns, which leaves the door open for other companies to come in and scoop up all of that branding opportunity.