5 Winning Strategies for Franchise Web Marketing

5 Winning Strategies for Franchise Web Marketing

October 5, 2018 By

When you partner with a franchise, the parent company often handles national marketing through big-ticket branding campaigns. And these can be a big asset for new business owners, particularly those working in trust-based industries where established brand names tend to win out. The national branding model also pays dividends for online companies who don’t rely on attracting customers to a brick-and-mortar location.

But national marketing isn’t enough for franchises that need to make face-to-face contact with their customers. These franchise owners must run local, targeted ads that point people to their business.

That’s what today’s post is all about. Read on to learn why local franchise web marketing matters, along with 5 winning strategies to optimize your campaign.

Local Franchise Web Marketing Strategies Matter

There’s a lot of data backing the value of local franchise web marketing.

According to SearchEngineLand metrics, 4 billion queries for local businesses are made every month. And that’s just from desktops in the United States. A meta-analysis by ScreenWerk found that more than 50% of mobile queries have local intent, and 20% of all Google searches are related to location.

New studies like these are being published every month, driving home what franchise web marketing teams across the country already knew: local customers are looking for your business online.

The audience is there, but national marketing campaigns aren’t enough to beat competitors with targeted local ads. Think about it from the customer’s point of view–one ad lays out the address, contact information, and reviews for a local business, while the other hypes up a brand that may or may not have a location in your area. You could start Googling the latter to find out if there’s a brick-and-mortar near you, but that’s an added step that depends on a very motivated and engaged consumer. Much easier to just go with the verified local business, right?

So you see, there’s really no getting around it–local franchise web marketing is essential for businesses that rely on local customer interactions.

But how do you design a winning local franchise web marketing campaign?

5 Strategies for Winning Local Franchise Web Marketing

  • Follow Google’s guidelines for representing your business online using Google My Business, which allows you to display your business name, address, hours, category, phone number, and reviews right on the front page of Google’s SERP. The majority of people will be searching for your business, product, or service through Google, so it only makes sense to optimize your franchise web marketing campaign for their algorithm.
  • Actively build site authority, rather than waiting for it to accrue gradually over time. Earning links and mentions from relevant, high-quality sources has a major impact on local search rankings, according to industry surveys. Our franchise web marketing team can help.
  • Build a top quality website. Sites that load quickly, use sensible structures, render properly on all devices, publish top-quality content, and follow all ADA guidelines always outperform those that don’t. Remember: no amount of franchise web marketing can make up for a low-quality site.
  • Keep your PAWN consistent–phone number, address, website URL, and name. Double and triple-checking every third-party platform and business citation is as tedious as it is worthwhile. Flubbing any of these four core pieces of business data costs your business a lead, and makes it harder for search engines to trust and reward your business listings.
  • Acquire reviews through approval online reputation management strategies. BrightLocal estimated that 92% of consumers read online reviews before committing to a consultation or purchase, and now that Google My Business shows off your star rating and reviews, they’re more important than ever. Your job is to research the guidelines and best practices for every locally relevant review platform out there, and to stay on top of replies. Don’t worry–our ORM team can help!

Need More Help With Local Franchise Web Marketing?

Don’t sweat it. Our team of franchise web marketing experts includes both former and current franchise owners, which means we’re uniquely positioned to tackle the challenges franchisees face.

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