5 Things Your Franchise Development Consultant Needs on Their Resume

5 Things Your Franchise Development Consultant Needs on Their Resume

March 27, 2019 By

If you’re looking for a franchise development consultant, today’s post can help. Read on to learn 5 essential criteria every candidate should meet.

  • Franchise Development Experience.

    This one’s mostly a given–especially if you’re a newbie, it’s important that you choose a franchise development consultant with plenty of experience and success stories under their belt.

    And don’t just take their word for it, either. Ask for concrete evidence that backs up their claims. This shouldn’t be a problem for legitimate franchise development consultants. On the contrary, they’ll relish the opportunity to share success stories. Who doesn’t like to talk about their triumphs? Any hesitation in this regard should be seen as a red flag, especially if they’ve been hyping up their services.

    The ClickTecs team is always eager to share the results of our franchise development services. That’s why we’ve got case studies and testimonials available for all to see on our website. But if you’d prefer to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, give us a call at 866-311-7189.

  • Cutting Edge Franchise Development Technology.

    It’s 2019–if your franchise development campaign isn’t leverage the power of modern technology, you’re behind the curve. Accordingly, your franchise development consultant should been tech-savvy, with an arsenal of marketing, recruiting, and analytic tools at their disposal.

    ClickTecs not only implements modern franchise development tools, we design them. ClickTecs CEO Jamshaid is the co-creator of FranchiseSoft, an intuitive technology platform that spurs growth and optimizes franchise performance in every way. For instance, by automating administrative tasks and reporting, our franchise development module frees up valuable time for franchisors so they can focus on what really counts–contacting and converting prospects into successful franchisees. And our software offers a number of powerful franchise development features, including: auto-generated pipeline reports that get sent instantly to your email for easy review; customizable dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time, so you never miss an opportunity; hands-free lead-generation; streamlined communication with all leads and brokers; a one-stop feature that consolidates recruitment and production activities into a single platform; and much more.

  • Digital Marketing Savvy.

    Nowadays, a huge percentage of franchise development occurs online, so it’s important that your franchise development consultant knows how to dominate SERP, build and manage your web presence, and create communication channels that leads look for.

    ClickTecs is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in franchise development. Our services include web development, responsive web design, local search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media optimization, online reputation management, mobile marketing, and more.

  • Commitment

    . Sometimes people choose to get involved in franchise development as an extra source of income while they focus the majority of their attention on their “main business.” This is not the type of franchise development consultant you need. Your brand deserves undivided attention.

    ClickTecs specializes in franchise development, and our former clients can attest to our level of commitment. You can find testimonials here.

  • A Focus on Your Needs.

    Look for a franchise development consultant that puts you first from the moment you meet. Every franchise is different. And every franchise development consultant should accept that as tacit. Beware of those who try to use a cookie-cutter approach to your franchise development. If they spend the entire meeting talking at you instead of asking insightful questions and listening intently, get out of there!

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