Thinking Outside the Franchise SEO Box: 3 Smart Ways to Boost On-Site Traffic

Thinking Outside the Franchise SEO Box: 3 Smart Ways to Boost On-Site Traffic

March 11, 2019 By

Franchise SEO is crucial, but it won’t give you optimal results and booming web traffic all on its own.

Today’s post dives into some outside-the-box tactics for boosting on-site traffic that you can implement right away. 

  • Optimize your Social Media Shares 

Social media sharing should be a regular part of your online marketing plan. With roughly 3.196 billion active social media users in 2018, social media represents one of the best channels to connect with new audiences and drive them to your website. But simply dropping a “naked” link without context won’t get any clicks.

Here’s some tips for sharing content the right way:

  • Customize content shares to suit specific platforms. Though social media platforms have plenty in common, they’re still quite different. Not only does each platform attract a different kind of user, but your posts appear quite differently across each of the top-5 apps (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+).With that in mind, you’ll need to customize your posts for every platform so they’re eye-catching and shareable to all audiences. For instance, Facebook posts do best with high-quality photos and useful descriptions. A study by TrackMaven found that Facebook posts with link descriptions of 80+ words average twice the engagement of shorter write-ups. Conversely, Instagram’s algorithm tends to favor posts that don’t link off-site, which is why the “Link in bio!” approach is so popular.
  • Create a smart sharing schedule (and stick to it). Over-sharing and under-sharing content can really hurt your web traffic and engagement. The former makes your company seem spammy, while the latter makes it look understaffed and inactive.Whatever schedule you choose, try to post during peak hours. According to Hubspot, Facebook users peak between 12:00-1:00PM on weekends; between 3:00-4:00PM on Wednesdays; and between 1:00-4:00PM on Thursdays and Fridays. Twitter users spike between 12:00-3:00PM during the work week. LinkedIn audiences are most responsive during three distinct windows: 7:30-8:30AM, 12:00-12:30PM, and 5:00-6:00PM. Instagram is a bit more forgiving, with posts perform well anytime Monday through Thursday, except between 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Add social sharing buttons to your website. Pre-written Tweets and Facebook posts make for easy, one-click shares that can greatly increase your reach and visibility.
  • Repackage and Repurpose Quality Content 

Though quality content is king, researchers generally agree that the quantity of content you produce is positively correlated to your website traffic, engagement, and franchise SEO.

One study analyzed over 100-million articles to conclude that resharing old content on social media can boost engagement by up to 686%!

Psychologists cite the “mere-exposure effect” to explain this phenomenon. In essence, this principle states that the more people see your brand message, the more likely they are to absorb it.

Imagine how much traffic and franchise SEO impact you could produce by turning a single piece of content into 5, 10, or even 15 shareable pieces.

But you can’t simply repost the same articles. That comes off as spammy.

Here are some simple tactics for repackaging quality content:

  • Turn blog posts into newsletters you can blast out to your email subscribers;
  • Turn high-performance landing pages into videos;
  • Transform evergreen content into short podcasts that your audience can consume on the go;
  • Make small edits to blog posts and republish them on LinkedIn
  • Build Better Headlines (without Clickbaiting)

Clickbaiting is generally reviled, and can quickly hurt your brand reputation and franchise SEO. But loading your headlines, blog titles, and navigation bar with playful alliteration and “power words” that trigger emotion can greatly enhance your content’s performance.

Suppose you search for “franchise SEO” and find yourself having to decide between two top-ranking blogs with the following titles:

  1. Franchise SEO Tactics
  2. “5 Rapid-Fire Franchise SEO Tactics to Crush the Competition”

Who earned your click?

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We’ve barely scratched the surface here–our franchise SEO team lives “outside the box”!

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