Franchise Online Marketing In 2021: 10 Surefire Social Media Strategies

Franchise Online Marketing In 2021: 10 Surefire Social Media Strategies

January 27, 2021 By

Now that 2021 has finally arrived, you may be hoping for better results when it comes to your business. But like any year, the competition within the corporate world gets tougher and tougher. This is especially true when it comes to developing effective social media strategies, since more and more businesses are competing for the same customers. We understand this here at ClickTecs, which is why we make franchise online marketing one of our top priorities for our clients. If your franchise has struggled with online marketing, we can help get you back on track. To do so, here are 10 surefire social media strategies you may want to apply to your business.

Encourage And Motivate Your Customers

To get the best results for your franchise online marketing in 2021, start by encouraging and motivating your customers. Through images, quotes, and other inspirational and motivational methods, you can use franchise online marketing to create that emotional bond between your brand and the customer.

Provide Constant Information

Once your customers are following you on social media, keep them coming back by using your franchise online marketing to provide constant, up-to-date information about your products or services, recent trends, and much more. In doing so, you’ll establish a reputation for quality, dependability, and be looked at as an industry leader.

Create Your Own Community

If there is one thing franchise online marketing can do, it’s create a community on social media. By making this part of your franchise online marketing strategy, your followers will feel a sense of belonging that ultimately results in loyalty to your franchise and brand. By taking polls, asking questions, and making your followers feel included, your franchise online marketing in 2021 will skyrocket to success.

Promote Charitable Causes

In today’s corporate world, showing your company cares about various social issues and charitable causes is a must for franchise online marketing success. We recognize this here at ClickTecs, which is why we work with our clients to develop goals and values that are well-defined on social media channels. In our view, promoting causes that benefit others is always a win-win situation for franchise online marketing.

Promote Your Promotions

If your business is one that is constantly having various promotions, use your franchise online marketing to promote your promotions as much as possible. By doing so, you can not only showcase your new products or services, but also remind your followers of things they may need. If you like this as part of your franchise online marketing strategy, Instagram is a great social network for this aspect of marketing.

Improve The Lives Of Your Customers

Where in years past businesses would publish books, pamphlets, or other materials for customers, today’s companies that are successful at franchise online marketing rely instead on social media to show how they can improve the lives of their customers. To do so, you can always have a steady stream of how-to videos and other clips with tidbits of information. Before you know it, your social media accounts will be gaining more and more followers, likely resulting in your business gaining more and more money.

Keep It Simple And Subtle

While you may think having plenty of visuals on your social media accounts may be the ticket to franchise online marketing success, you may be mistaken. In today’s world, consumers often prefer social media sites that are relatively simple and subtle. Though you should of course have pictures and other visuals that will get people’s attention, too much of a good thing can prove to be a setback for your franchise online marketing strategy. Since you probably won’t be sure of what constitutes the right mix of visuals and info, let us here at ClickTecs come to the rescue.

Inform Franchisees Of Changes And Updates

Since the algorithms of Facebook are always changing, you will probably be in need of constant changes and updates to your social media sites to help stay ahead of your competitors. But when doing so, always make sure your franchisees are aware of any changes or updates taking place. Otherwise, customers could be provided with incorrect information. When this occurs, building back lost trust can be time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes futile. To keep your social media channels and your franchise online marketing running smoothly, rely on us here at ClickTecs.

Know Which Channels Work Best For Your Business

In many instances, a company assumes it should automatically be on all available social media channels. However, while this sounds logical and effective, it can prove to be the opposite. Depending on your products and services, target audience, and other related factors, we at ClickTecs have found a more target-specific franchise online marketing strategy may work much better. For example, while some businesses have tremendous success with Facebook, others do better with Instagram or Pinterest. To know which social media path to pursue, put our experts here at ClickTecs to work for you and your company.

Personalize And Localize

Finally, a franchise online marketing strategy that almost always pays off on social media is what’s known as personalize and localize. Similar to the aspect of creating a community, this means you customize the info on your social media channels to local areas where you are located. Though you may still need a steady flow of corporate content to keep customers informed, you should also have posts online that are locality-specific. In doing so, customers and followers will feel as if you and your business are indeed part of the local community.

Now that you know which social media strategies can take your franchise online marketing to the top in 2021, you need to start relying on experts who know their stuff when it comes to franchise online marketing. That means contacting us here at ClickTecs, since we have been helping clients with successful social media strategies for years. If you’re ready to join our growing list of franchise online marketing success stories, visit us online at or call us at 866-311-7189.