Five Tips on How to Make Your Great Content Shareable

Five Tips on How to Make Your Great Content Shareable

March 23, 2015 By

Having great content is one thing, but using social media to brand your business is important for branding and generating buzz.  It’s a great way to transform your lead generation efforts and give relevant and timely information your prospects are looking for.

It’s no secret that people are now learning about your brand via social.  They can ‘like and engage with your content, comment on your content and even share it on their own personal feeds.  By adding social media elements and shareable content to your social media campaign, you can empower customers, prospects, fans or followers, to become brand advocates by engaging with your content.

So what type of content should you post on your social media channels?  Here are five tips to help you amplify content via social:

1)    Have a content strategy – There is a drastic difference between a content strategy and social media strategy.  A social media strategy should support the library of content you have.  Social media are tools that enable you to have a conversation online about your brand, while content enables you to become a thought leader and relevant contributor in your industry.  Your customers and prospects will refer to Google to find what they are looking for.  Create a content strategy as well as a monthly or quarterly content calendar.  As you continue to update your content frequently, by including not only key words, but rich media including images, audio and video, your website may rank on the top pages of Google.

2)    Utilize the 80/20 Rule – Create a balance between content and thought leadership. Remember, 80% of your content should be informational, educational and helpful, while 20% should be promotional material. Err on the side of caution of self-promotion.

3)    Strike a balance – Offer content that is valuable for your branding positioning, but also shows your brand’s personality.  Determine what is fun and shareable.  Remember, content does not always have to reflect a white paper, case study or promotional brochure.  Think outside the box, and utilize images and videos as well – as this may also show value to your followers and humanize your brand.

4)    Experiment with Different Types of Content – Utilize different key messages, social media platforms and eye catching videos to tell your brand’s story. Google+ Hangouts and live Twitter chats are a great way to generate buzz and build brand awareness.  In turn, this will help your prospects and customers trust you as a quality and reputable source of content.

5)    Offer incentives, prizes and contests – People love winning free stuff and it’s a great way to get your prospects and current customers to engage with your content and participate in your marketing campaign.  Motivate them and encourage them to like, share or submit items relating to your content.

Content is what tells your brand story and fuels your social media.  Break through the clutter by experimenting with creative elements, valuable offers, messaging and content, across a variety of your social channels, as this will help you determine what resonates best with your audiences.