Cost-Benefit Analysis: Local SEO For Franchises In 2021

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Local SEO For Franchises In 2021

May 28, 2021 By

Despite the fact that you have probably spent much of the past year going out as little as possible due to the pandemic, it has not been lost on you how important SEO is to your business and its digital marketing strategies. In fact, local SEO for franchises is more important than ever, especially as pandemic restrictions ease and companies and consumers get back to business as usual. If you are in the midst of learning more about the cost-benefit analysis of local SEO for franchises, here are some tips from our team here at ClickTecs that will help you see how local SEO for franchises can improve your company’s revenue.

Excellent Return On Investment

While you likely know digital marketing can be effective in terms of local SEO for franchises, the numbers show it provides an even better ROI than most business owners imagine. According to the latest industry data, search engine close rates for new leads are 15 percent. If this does not impress you, consider that traditional marketing methods produce close rates of only two percent. Thus, by making local SEO for franchises a much bigger priority for your company, your lead conversion rate may increase by as much as 13 percent, generating a huge increase in revenue.

Increasing Your Credibility

Along with giving you a much greater ROI, local SEO for franchises will also provide your company with increased credibility among individuals conducting Google searches. While you have of course wanted to do all you could to get on Google’s first page of search results, consider that research shows that 75 percent of people conducting online searches stick only to those results they find on page one. Since this shows just how crucial it can be to have your franchise’s website rank as high as possible on Google, let us here at ClickTecs put our digital marketing skills to work for you as soon as possible.

Targeted Results

While you want to have numerous people visiting you online day and night, it won’t do you much good if the majority of them are not well-qualified leads. We understand this at ClickTecs, which is why our local SEO for franchises digital marketing strategy focuses intensely on getting you and your franchise targeted results in the form of high-quality traffic. In doing so, it becomes more likely these individuals will react positively to your call-to-action. To show how much of an improvement you may be able to expect when developing a targeted digital marketing strategy, consider that nearly 90 percent of businesses believe local SEO for franchises is a smart approach to modern marketing.

Now that you’ve looked at the statistics and seen that a cost-benefit analysis indicates local SEO for franchises is a way to help your company get ahead of the competition, let our digital marketing experts here at ClickTecs help you achieve your goals. Once you start getting more website traffic and well-qualified leads that respond to your CTA, increased revenues are sure to follow.