Best Practices For Franchise Lead Generation In 2021

Best Practices For Franchise Lead Generation In 2021

June 17, 2021 By

According to industry data, over 2 million people research and request information about franchise opportunities online each year. However, only about 20,000 of those 2 million people ultimately purchase a franchise. Since this means only one percent of visitors to your franchise’s website become buyers, franchise lead generation is absolutely critical to your success. To make sure you are taking advantage of all the unique opportunities available to you in franchise lead generation, turn to franchise marketing experts here at ClickTecs.

Educate And Engage

Rather than worry only about higher levels of traffic to your site, we suggest a main aspect of your franchise lead generation strategy be to educate and engage with those leads who appear to be serious about buying a franchise. To do so, you need plenty of content that’s filled with useful information, along with a compelling story about your brand that will convert a lead into a buyer.

Lead Nurturing

Even if a lead is very interested in buying a franchise, they will still be apprehensive about costs and other factors. To help them overcome this, utilize a variety of franchise lead generation nurturing strategies. Some of the most effective include videos, infographics, and testimonials from successful franchisees. In fact, testimonials have been shown to be extremely convincing, since your potential buyer can see others whose situations are similar to theirs. Using the powers of persuasion, your franchise lead generation practices can take your company to new heights.

Have Good Answers To Their Questions

Like anything else, potential franchisees who visit your website are comparison shopping, meaning they are looking at other similar franchise opportunities. To get ahead of your competitors and bring a new franchisee into the fold, you must have excellent and thorough answers to their questions as part of your franchise lead generation. By doing so, you can help them narrow down their options even more, eventually leading them to conclude your franchise opportunity is the one that will give them entrepreneurial success.

Emphasize Digital Marketing

Even if you have a basic idea of digital marketing, you may have little idea as to just how important it can be to your franchise lead generation. By working with ClickTecs, you can start to see how SEO, email marketing, Facebook and other social media content, and even streaming videos on YouTube can put your franchise at the forefront in franchise lead generation.

Analysis And Insight

When you are talking about your franchise to investors, you can do well if your talk contains plenty of hype. However, when it comes to franchise lead generation and convincing a lead to become a franchisee, it’s all about analysis and insight. In other words, it’s more important to emphasize facts over fluff. Once you realize this and work with us here at ClickTecs to make your website attractive, easy to navigate, and very informative, you’re one step closer to surpassing your competition.

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