3 Winning Strategies for Franchise Local Marketing

3 Winning Strategies for Franchise Local Marketing

June 28, 2019 By

Franchise local marketing poses a unique set of challenges for multi-location brands. Today’s post offers 3 winning strategies you can use to overcome them.

  • Centralize your franchise local marketing efforts where you can. You won’t always be able to do this–different owners often have different local objectives–but take advantage of whatever opportunities arise.For instance, try to put corporate in charge of all franchise listings and citations. If each franchise owner is left to manage these on their own, NAP (name, address, phone number) issues become much more likely. It also makes it much harder to standardize your voice or message. Finally, this approach pits different franchise listings against each other for ranking visibility. Instead, roll everything up into a single account, managing data on a per-location basis from a centralized local listings platform. Your web assets will look better than ever, and your franchisees will thank you saving them all that time and effort.

    Likewise, it is ideal for corporate to handle website construction and management. As new franchisees are added, new subdomains can be created, wherein individual owners can post location-specific materials. This approach ensures that all site components–fonts, logos, templates, voice, and so on–stay consistent, and that intra-franchise ranking competition is eliminated.

  • Optimize listings where it matters most. You may have heard that when it comes to listings, it’s a matter of the more, the merrier! And while there are some benefits to listing in every directory you can find, quality always beats quantity. When you stop trying to post on every directory that exists, you can redirect that time and energy into optimizing your existing listings, which is where the real money is made.There are several things you can do to optimize your directory listings for better franchise local marketing results. Implement a solid online reputation management strategy that encourages customers to share their experiences; create a foundation for user-generated content on social directories like LinkedIn and Facebook; keep your listings updated to reflect holiday hours, special events, closures, and so on. Most of these optimizations boil down to showing the user that your listings are accurate, active, and valuable–rather than the “ghost town” effect that nonstop listing-chasing leaves behind.
  • Track data tracking seriously. Tracking and analyzing data is important for every aspect of your online marketing and campaign management, but nowhere more so than your franchise local marketing. Without actionable insights, your franchise local marketing is just guesswork.Once you have actionable insights in-hand, you’ll be able to tailor your efforts on a micro (per-location) level. Look to collect data at your busiest time of day. Find out how online searchers are converting into local foot traffic. Pinpoint when they’re converting. Identify your main demographic. Consider tracking phone call correspondence to inform your keyword bidding or tweak your customer service channels.

    Much of this tracking can be done via your website’s backend, listings, social platforms, and third-party marketing/PPC tools. If you need help accessing or interpreting your franchise local marketing data, give our team a call.

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