Franchise Content Marketing Tips: Writing (And Measuring) Actionable Copy

Franchise Content Marketing Tips: Writing (And Measuring) Actionable Copy

September 11, 2017 By

Franchise content marketing remains one of the best strategies to get eyes on your brand, but only when done right. Today’s post shares some franchise content marketing tips on writing and measuring actionable copy to make the most of your advertising dollars!

What is “actionable copy”?

Actionable copy refers to any content that triggers the desired response from the reader. For franchisors, this means writing a page that convinces a quality candidate to call for a consultation. Alternately, franchisees want copy that sells products or books service calls. In either case, this outcome depends on two page factors: visibility and performance.

Your content’s visibility is largely dependent on your SEO strategy. Search engine-optimized (SEO) content is written in a way that maximizes its SERP performance, which is just a fancy way of saying it ranks high on Google’s front page. At the end of the day, it’s about getting the right people to find and read your content. This is easier said than done, requiring competent keyword research, knowledge of importance ranking factors, and ongoing tweaks and analyses.

For best results, you franchise content marketing team needs to be fully aware of ranking factors and SEO best practices. If you’ve outsourced work to a writer, they’ll need to be closely involved in your overall strategy and research so they can design the copy accordingly.

The specifics of your content’s performance depend on your specific goals (more on that below), but generally is about the quality and converting power of your copy. Quality is something of an abstract notion, though it can be quantified by the clarity, brevity, and flow of your writing. Much of this boils down to writing skill and experience, and has already been covered in our blog.

Of course, none of this is worthwhile unless you know how to measure performance power, which is the focus of today’s post. On that note, let’s get into goal-setting for performance purposes.

Setting goals for actionable franchise content marketing

Like most web promotion, measuring the SEO performance of your franchise content marketing requires well-defined goals. Once these SEO goals are set, it’s an ongoing process of reviewing the analytics, then adjusting accordingly.

These goals will vary from client to client, but they can be distilled to a few simple essentials:

  • Goals should be quantitative. Common measurable values include revenue, leads generated, event registrations, and contact form completions. Comparing two pieces of SEO content using these goals, it’s very easy to see which is performing better.
  • Goals should be identifiable on-site. Focus your goals on site actions, rather than abstract ideas like “educating the audience.” For example, total PDF downloads, button clicks, or purchase confirmation page views are all identifiable on-site.
  • Goals should promote business growth. One of the most common downfalls of SEO goals is lack of utility. For example, designing your franchise content marketing to “increase organic sessions on site” just isn’t valuable enough for a business owner to justify spending advertising dollars.Proper goals need to boost the growth of the franchise. Turning back to our previous example of “increasing organic sessions,” this goal is not particularly helpful for your business – unless those sessions bring the user to a high-performance page outlining the benefits of your product/service and directing them to a buy button.

Once you’ve set these goals, you’re already a step ahead of the competition as far as measurable marketing is concerned. Most franchise owners’ SEO assessments start and end with Google rankings, but visibility does not guarantee that readers take action.

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