SEO Audit Tactics for 2020 – Comprehensive Guide to Website SEO Audit

SEO Audit Tactics for 2020 – Comprehensive Guide to Website SEO Audit

December 20, 2019 By

If you’ve read our guide on SEO and the importance of keyword research, then you’ll understand why the next natural step would be a website audit. Using the website audit process to ensure that your business websites are “customer ready” is important, and will allow you to feel confident in your marketing capabilities. Performing a website SEO audit is not only a critical component of running your business online, but it’s also something that you’ll learn to do with every single project.

As the name would suggest, doing an audit on your website is like checking for errors and anything else you may have missed. Most of the large companies that you see daily have done website audits of their own, and they may even have them done every single week – when you have a large scale SEO campaign to take care of, audits will become quite frequent.

What Is An SEO Audit Report?

An SEO audit report is exactly what it sounds like, an audit report surrounding the SEO requirements on your page. It will take into account just about anything related to SEO, and there are plenty of tools (and services) available on the internet to help you out with this process. If you’ve ever wanted to analyze your web presence and understand where you could improve, this is the best thing for you to be doing. You’ll want to identify any potential issues and fix them as soon as possible, even if your website is considered a success – just think of how much better it would be after a proper SEO web audit!

Your visibility within search engines is always going to be a priority, so ensure that you’re ahead of the competition by conducting a proper SEO audit report whenever possible. SEO audit reports will cover every single corner of your website, ensuring that you aren’t leaving any stone unturned before going live (or confirming an update).

Why Is An SEO Audit Report Important?

The importance of shouLd never be overlooked, as using a website audit to better your company is a solid idea. When your web presence needs a bit of work it can be hard to identify the issues at hand, even if some would be glaring to an experience online entrepreneur. Using an audit will allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses associated with your website, all the way from the layout being used down to the content itself.

You’ll be able to take a look at the traffic regarding individuals pages, as well as how well certain content is converting. If you want to ensure that you are always operating at peak performance as an online business, you’re going to make use of SEO audits (and that’s also what makes them so important).

Critical Components Of An SEO Audit Report

Several things will show up within an SEO audit report, all of which are going to help you create a more organized and professional SEO campaign overall. Some would say that there are only two or three critical components that you need to worry about, but why not take a look at all of the data available? The stuff that you’ll see within an SEO audit report would be:

On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
User Experience
Content and Funnel

You’ll be able to see which kind of content is resonating with your visitors, as well as how successfully it can funnel conversions. Both the on-page and off-page information that is given to you during a website audit will allow you to polish your SEO campaign, trimming the fat away with ease. The technical component of an audit would be related to how well the website functions and user experience is quite obvious, it’s how the user feels about using your pages.

What Are The Best Tools For An SEO Audit Report?

Off the top of our heads, we could recommend both SEMrum and WooRank when it comes to tools. With that being said, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to tools as there are plenty of effective services out there. Not only that, but we also happen to offer our very own SEO audit services here at Clicktecs! Moz is another notable name to throw into the hat for best website audit tools, but there is an abundance of options to check out; feel free to research them and choose which one you like best.

The best tools are going to give you access to the information you never even considered before, and it’s important to ensure that they offer you all of the information that we’ve listed above. Some cheap alternatives will claim that they offer amazing website audits, only to give you a basic rundown of how many keywords you’ve got on your homepage.

Have Never Seemed So Simple

If you didn’t understand the process before reading this guide, we hope that we’ve offered you some sort of clarity surrounding the subject. Adapting the to digital world can be tough when you’re just getting started online, but never fear! The best thing that you can do for now is to learn everything there is to learn about SEO as a whole. When you can put together SEO campaigns that are targeted properly and handled with care, there’s no telling how high the ceiling for your company can go.

Refusing to go through the process of an SEO audit is not only a big mistake, but it’s quite silly, to say the least. You never know, as it might just be the big change your website needs to finally turn things around.