Pay Per Click for Franchises: 6 Quick Tips for Better ROI

Pay Per Click for Franchises: 6 Quick Tips for Better ROI

December 22, 2017 By

Pay per click for franchises (PPC) is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies available to business owners looking to boost sales and web traffic.

As its name suggest, PPC involves paying a small fee to place an ad in front of a relevant audience. Boiled down to its essence, PPC is about purchasing visits to a particular website or page.

PPC ads typically appear at the top or side bar of Google searches for keywords targeted in your campaign. The position of your paid ad will depend on how much you spend, as well as the ad’s Quality Score, which is a measure of:

  • How relevant your ad is to the keyword being searched;
  • How relevant your ad is to the landing page it redirects the user to;
  • How relevant your ad is compared to other PPC ads in its group;
  • How well your ad performs (measured through the click-through rate);
  • How well your PPC account performs over time.

Today’s post is all about improving pay per click for franchises. Read on for 6 quick and easy tips to make your next campaign more cost-effective.

6 Tips for Better Pay Per Click for Franchises

  • Pace yourself for measurable marketing. With any kind of paid marketing, gradual builds are best, since these allow you to monitor the impact of budget increases with extreme precision.Rather than dumping $1000 into your monthly PPC campaign, it’s better to start with $100, then build in small increments. In doing so, you will be able to detect the point of diminishing returns fast and be able to adjust much sooner. In this scenario, let’s say you hit the ceiling at $600, seeing no further grow when you bump up to $900 the following week. In this case, you just stopped yourself from wasting $300 that would have yielded no results! Now you can adjust your ad or expand your keyword list and put that $300 to work, all because you took it slow.
  • Encourage reviews from satisfied customers. Many PPC ads include star ratings next to the business name, which makes strong reputation management practices all the more important. The biggest PPC budget simply won’t matter if you have subpar reviews. Give us a call at 866-311-7189 to get started with your reputation management strategy.
  • Track your PPC results with unique links or phone numbers. You won’t know how well your PPC campaign is performing unless you have the means to track conversions. Setting up a unique phone number or landing page address that is only shared in your PPC ads is a surefire way to track your results. Just compare the dollar value attached to the total number of clicks or calls you‘ve received and adjust your ads or budget accordingly.
  • Never stop your keyword research. Too many companies settle on the first keyword list they ever developed. But because search trends are constantly evolving, ongoing, high-quality keyword research is essential for consistent PPC results.
  • Integrate PPC with organic marketing efforts. Pay per click for franchises is great, but its efficacy is supercharged when combined with organic search marketing. There’s nothing more reassuring to a user than seeing a top-ranked PPC ad with a top-ranked organic search result for the same company directly beneath it.
  • Make use of site links and ad extensions. Site links allow you to work in additional calls to action, which both increases your odds of success and allows you to compare different approaches.

These 6 quick tips are only the beginning! Get in touch with team today to learn more about pay per click for franchises, visit-