Sustainable Link Building Strategies for Franchise Internet Marketing

Sustainable Link Building Strategies for Franchise Internet Marketing

July 25, 2018 By

Getting your brand to stand out online requires smart and sustainable franchise internet marketing. In addition to a beautiful website and active social media presence, you’ll need to consistently build links to your site.

What is link building?

Link building is an insider term for the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other sites that send users to your webpage. For example, an independent franchise internet marketing blog might enjoy this article and decide to share the URL in a post.

In the right circumstances, link building is a win-win proposition. In our previous example, the franchise internet marketing blog gets a fresh and interesting piece of content that their audience will enjoy, while we get a little SEO boost. And that brings us to the next point…

Why should I include link building in my franchise internet marketing campaign?

Building hyperlinks to your website will increase traffic, increase your domain authority, and get you ranked higher in the SERP, all of which are crucial for your online growth and visibility.

Simply put, search engines view legitimate links to your page as votes of confidence about its quality and relevance. Though not as influential as they were in the 1990s, links are still movers and shakers as far as your site ranking and traffic are concerned.

In today’s competitive online landscape, you need every advantage you can get, and the value of link building is too good to ignore.

Quality over quantity

Back in the late 1990s, the number of links to your page was one of the most important ranking factors in play, so franchise internet marketing teams did all they could to acquire them. Spam links became a popular marketing tool until Google rolled out algorithm updates to punish these exploits.

Today, link quality is all that matters. Low-quality, spammy links, such as those franchise internet marketing teams used to get by submitted their URLs to page directories or linking to their blogs on social media, get limited value. In some cases, they’ll even get your site penalized.

Sustainable, high-quality link-building for franchise internet marketing results

Building quality hyperlinks can take serious time and energy. These sustainable link building strategies will give you long-term value that increases over time, without being a large-scale investment of man-hours and marketing dollars.

  • Focus on evergreen content. Writing great content that isn’t tied to specific dates or events is one of the best ways to get authentic, high-quality links. Using our internet franchise marketing blog example again, it’s easy to see why this post would perform better than one on “The Best Link Building Strategies in July of 2018.” In addition to being a clunky title, it gives itself an expiry date. While capitalizing on big news stories can give you a traffic boost in the short term, writing “evergreen” content that’s always relevant ups your odds of getting featured on someone else’s site.
  • Appeal to multiple audiences. It’s usually not hard to re-tool titles and introductions to frame content to appeal to different niches or demographics. The more ways you can slice and spin your data to appeal to different groups, the better your odds of outreach.
  • Trade links with franchise family members. Since the previous tips were more long-term, strategic, and abstract, we thought we’d leave you with a quick-and-dirty tip for fast results. Franchises have the advantage of having multiple distinct websites in service of the same umbrella brand. Since franchises are built to support one another, why not trade links with your franchise family members? It’s not exploitative, either; you each get an SEO boost, and it’s easy to find ways to slip in links organically when describing your brand’s national presence. Contact a nearby franchise owner and ask if they’d like to trade links on-site today.

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