How Does Google Ads Work?

How Does Google Ads Work?

February 21, 2020 By

Google Ads is an intricate platform that will allow business owners to effectively promote their brands. Whether you’re looking to promote a brand new product or service that is being introduced is irrelevant, as Google Ads will work perfectly for either one. Google is the largest search engine company that we’ve come to know in modern times, which means they hold a certain level of power over the internet – when people search for something on the massive resource of information that we call the “web”, it’s typically going to be done through Google.

Google has dipped their toes into just about everything related to our browsing experience, all the way from an internet browser like Chrome down to the implementation of Google+ (which sort of failed, but that’s okay!). Google also has their hand in the advertisement world, which is something that most business owners and entrepreneurs are already familiar with; Google Ads is easily the best PPC/bidding system that you could find right now.

Why Should I Use Google Ads?

Refusing to use Google Ads is not only silly, but some would state that it’s downright idiotic (not to make fun of our readers, of course!). We believe that everyone reading this article is smart enough to comprehend how important Google Ads can be because they put your product/services right in front of the people who need to see it. You’re able to target specific areas of the world and even go as far as trying to target specific age groups; the amount of flexibility that is shown within Google Ads is quite amazing.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

It’s going to be determined by how much you’re willing to pay, as well as how stiff the competition within that given field happens to be. Keyword competition is a real thing and if you’ve hired an SEO service (such as Clicktecs) to take care of the intricate data surrounding your SEO process, you are already ahead of most other people. Google Ads can be expensive, but that’s only if you’re dealing with high-cost PPC for franchise websites.

Google Ads will allow you to make bids of clicks from potential customers, and the higher that your PPC for franchise websites happens to be, the more likely Google will show your advertisement over others.

Is Advertising on Google Worth It?

To be completely honest, there doesn’t seem like a better platform to advertise with other than Google Ads. There are plenty of other options to choose from and some websites will even give you the chance at purchasing some ad time for yourself, but Google is as large as it gets! If you aren’t willing to invest a bit of money into advertisements with Google, there’s no telling just how “unwilling” you are to market your brand at all.

Advertising with Google Ads is worth it for many different reasons, most of which will become quite apparent once you’ve gone through the process for yourself. You can keep the ads affordable in certain cases and Google is also obviously the leading search engine on the web right now.

Is It Better to Advertise with Facebook or Google?

You’ll want to keep things diverse in regards to your PPC for franchise websites. If you can dip your toes into both the Facebook and Google pool, so be it! You don’t want to limit yourself, especially when it comes to promoting your brand and trying to create growth. Some will say Facebook is better and some will tell you that Google is the right way, but the right answer would be making use of both!

Both platforms have a different crowd and feel to their advertisements, but both of them are also going to give you a chance and looking through data and potentially changing the way you approach the marketing campaign. Regardless of which one you end up choosing, they’re both solid options and should be combined for most companies.