Marketing Strategies During Covid-19: 3 Campaign Tweaks To Put In Place

Marketing Strategies During Covid-19: 3 Campaign Tweaks To Put In Place

April 6, 2020 By

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing best practices are changing. Today’s post shares 3 campaign tweaks you can make for better marketing results, even if you need to pare down your budget.

The Effect Of Covid-19 On All Businesses Is Immense, But Not Equal

Reviewing real performance data for 10 different websites in 10 different industries, we can see that while some “essential” businesses are flourishing, most are seeing performance drops of -20% or worse compared to only two weeks ago.

Facing sudden and unexpected revenue losses, many businesses are forced to take a hard look at how they can trim budgets and maximize efficiency.

But even during this time of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: digital marketing investments pay dividends. Now more than ever, businesses need to build personalized and lasting relationships with their audiences from a safe distance. And what better way to do all that than by tweaking your online advertising campaign?

Here’s a few tips to increase the efficacy of your online marketing in light of the COVID-19 outbreak:

Align Paid Search Spending With Demand

Amidst the COVID-19, search demand is down on the whole. If your company’s product or service isn’t deemed “essential” then it’s a good idea to pull back on paid search spending until it’s back to “business as usual.”

On the other hand, if your franchise provides an essential product or service, increasing your ad spend could yield record-high returns. This is especially true since many companies are dialing back their bids right now. Consult with your franchise marketing team to review search volume stats and make the best decision for your brand.

Make The Most Of Cost-effective Email Campaigns

Email ad campaigns are cheap, effective, and they practically run themselves when you’ve got franchise marketing solutions like FranchiseSoft in place. If you’re scaling back on paid search, you may be able to staunch losses with smart newsletters, virtual brochures, and even basic email outreach. It’s as easy as typing out a template or two reminding customers that despite brick and mortar closures, they can still get all their needs met online.

Just make sure you get the tone right–no “COVID19” promo codes, please. Respect the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic and put your heart in the right place. Share credible and helpful information, explain all you’re doing to keep customers safe during this time, and do not exploit this global issue as an opportunity for hard-selling.

Continue Investing In Content And Seo Tactics For A Big Post-pandemic Payoff

In a recent blog post, Nick Eubanks, CEO of From the Future, stated that “companies that continue to execute on their planned digital marketing campaigns, and more specifically, on their planned content and conversion strategies around SEO as an acquisition channel, will be poised for faster (and more effective) recovery when we come out the other side.”

Companies that maintain–and even grow–their SEO campaigns and content during this period will build considerable competitive advantage over those who take their foot off the pedal. Though you may not see immediate results with search volumes so low, you’ll have a huge leg-up in terms of organic traffic generation once search demand returns.

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