Franchise Digital Marketing Faux Pas: 5 Beginner Mistakes Costing You Conversions

Franchise Digital Marketing Faux Pas: 5 Beginner Mistakes Costing You Conversions

July 20, 2021 By

There are some mistakes that new franchise owners tend to make in their franchise digital marketing efforts that can result in lower conversions. We here at ClickTecs share five mistakes that beginners make in their franchise digital marketing in order to help you to avert such mistakes, so that you can enjoy the benefit of real higher conversions from your franchise digital marketing efforts that will impact the profitability and success of your franchise in a powerful and positive manner.

Franchise Digital Marketing Mistake 1: Being Too Pushy

Being powerful in your franchise digital marketing efforts does not entail being aggressive in promoting your products. The audience members do not want to feel that they are being bombarded with sales pitches for your products and services all the time. Customers today want to see that companies provide them with value. When you are actively providing value to the audience members, you can then have a greater connection with your audience members that can result in them becoming more interested in your products and services.

Franchise Digital Marketing Mistake 2: Lack Of Content Promotion

You will have a lack of conversions if you do not promote your content. If people are not aware of your content, they will not know about your brand, products and services. You need to realize that you need to actively promote your content. Again, content does not have to be pushy and it should provide value. But the content still must be promoted. As a result, you should engage more on social media and make sure your content is posted across a variety of platforms.

Franchise Digital Marketing Mistake 3: Campaigns Too Short

Many new franchise owners run campaigns for just a short amount of time. But it really does take time to generate awareness for your franchise, products and services. Indeed, time is imperative in order for you to see real results of acquiring more customers, generating more sales and achieving more profits. It is wise to run a campaign for at least three months. But it is even better if you can run your campaign for even up to twelve months for more solidified profitability.

Franchise Digital Marketing Mistake 4: Budget Too Small

You cannot expect to see great results if your budget is too small. You should first try placing some ads for a small designated target audience to see what ads tend to perform the best. Then you can increase your spending for those campaigns. This will help you to increase your conversions. Do be mindful to also spend some of your budget on organic content, as this will help to increase the awareness of your products and services when you are at the starting point of your campaign.

Franchise Digital Marketing Mistake 5: Not Checking Up

You cannot just set up your ads once and then fail to take time to check on them. It is imperative to check up on the performance of your ads. This should be done minimally once per week, but more often is even better. You should discontinue ads that are not providing great results. Then increase your spending for ads that are producing the most optimal results. Also, you should implement some changes to the design and copy of the ads to see what will happen to possibly increase profitability.

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