Top 3 Responsive Design Trends You can Expect to see in 2015

Top 3 Responsive Design Trends You can Expect to see in 2015

October 9, 2014 By

By now, most people have heard of Responsive Web Design, however, it is important to emphasize that this year mobiles are quickly becoming the new standard for internet viewing. Because the mobile internet market is becoming the new standard throughout the industry, it means the age of a set website size is now over. Businesses must adjust to this new reality.

When thinking of how to implement Responsive Web Design onto your site, there are two specific things to remember: the site design must be simple and must tell a story. Responsive Web Design is about transforming the website of your business so that it tells the message effectively. This may sound easy but is in actuality quite hard as you have to effectively display the content differently across devices. In fact in a survey done by Metro newspaper, responsive web design is a major reason they were able to grow their monthly visitors by 27 million. Implementing responsive design however is not easy, and many web developers are struggling to keep up with new emerging technologies. However, here at Clicktecs we have collected a list of 3 responsive web design trends that your business should implement on their website to stay ahead of the competition.

1)    Adaptive Delivery Technology: According to researchers, up to 57% of users are likely to give up on retail webpages that take too long to load. Responsive Web Design is perfect for today’s consumers, who’s attention span is becoming less every day. Usually, a site that uses responsive web design has a tendency to take longer to load due to the different codes being used for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Fortunately, new technology has emerged that works around this and allows for faster loading of sites that use responsive web design. The new Adaptive Delivery technology detects the type of device being used, whether it is mobile or desktop, and loads different batches of HTML and CSS coding that loads the images and content required for that specifically. This means, if you want to lower the loading times for your site, you will no longer have to do a revamp of your website and can keep your desktop website.

2)    Sensors: As more sensors are integrated into hardware, brands use them to better understand the environment in which users are accessing their websites.  For example, using sensors to detect the time or whether or not a user is accelerating or decelerating at the speed of a car allows the advertiser to determine the habits and attitudes of their users.  Thereafter, they can serve them content that applies to them and captures their interests. This means brands can now focus on the context of the user when creating their responsive web design for the site.

3)    Responsive Web Design Analyst: With all the new platforms provided by responsive web design, many business are now looking for analysts to manage these changes. Companies have begun to hire agencies that specialize in responsive design analytics. This is likely to become an important part of many organization’s strategy. These agencies, such as Clicktecs, are responsible for keeping your website up to date to recent technologies and developments of web design.

Responsive Web Design in 2015 means keeping up with new technologies and developments within the industry. Increasing complexity has also opened up the need for analysts to keep the website ahead of the curve and up to date. However, this also opens up possibilities of the brand connecting with audiences in a more thorough way than before through the collection of data that will become increasingly crucial to the success of the brand and business.

About the Author : Jamshaid (Jam) Hashmi

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