Search Engine Optimization (SEO) addresses the central question posed by all business owners: How do search engines determine the relevance of a given page when a search query with a keyword is placed? The answer is quite simple – You must design, write, code and market your site with the keywords and phrases most likely to be used by your target audience in their searches. The core concepts of the SEO strategy can be tracked down to what we like to call The ClickTecs 5 C’s of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Code: Clean and unobtrusive code which helps search engines to easily find and index content. This includes a couple of important factors like use of scripts & stylesheets, code validation etc, at a very high level this involves the type, placement and amount of code.

Content: Unique, valuable and informative content, filled with descriptive vocabulary to describe your products/offerings/services.

Credibility: Factors that help to build online credibility include but are not limited to: domain age, PageRank, social media presence, positive reviews and inbound links from relevant and credible sources.

Consistency: Regular outflow of informational and marketing content to relevant online marketing sources that capture latest trends and buzzwords of your industry channel.

Conversion: Analysis and tracking of visitors/leads to understand the pulse and genesis of your target market to increase conversion ratio.