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Over the past few years, mobile web usage has seen such a staggering rate of increase to the point that businesses, small or large, can no longer afford to ignore it. Mobiles have given users the freedom, flexibility and ability to use the Internet anytime, anywhere. The tremendous growth in user adoption of mobile devices represents a revolutionary leap forward for the web.

Recent statistics indicate that in today’s world there are more than 5.9 billion mobile phone users and a thousand more are added every minute! The striking part is that about 20% of these mobile phone owners (more than 1.2 billion and growing) have browsed or are browsing the Internet through their mobile phones rather than a traditional desktop PC or Laptop. This is the reason why mobile web browsing is predicted to become the next predominant Internet platform.

Why Mobile Websites are Important?

Although mobile website design and normal website design follow similar principles there are considerable differences in the way their design and structural implementation is done. For instance, the most notable difference is that current mobile device networks don’t run on the same speed as broadband devices.This means that graphics and animations that run so easily on normal websites accessed online via broadband services cannot give the same feeling when it comes to mobile devices. Streaming graphics and animations certainly becomes an issue when accessed on mobile device networks.  The lack of mobile adaptability prevents potential clients from browsing and taking action on a specific site therefore costing companies valuable sales.

Traditional websites are designed and optimized for normal desktop monitors that usually have a specified screen size whereas a mobile website is designed and optimized for much smaller screen sizes which a majority of mobiles have. Mobile websites are svelte, fast, and more action-specific in order to facilitate your customers’ access to the information they need quickly, with less scrolling and clicks and therefore ensuring a superior user experience.

Advantages of Mobile Websites:

Enhanced User Experience

Mobile websites significantly improve user experience and satisfaction as they are faster and have specific features sought after by a mobile user.

Faster Website Access

Mobile websites are designed with mobile access standards in mind; this ensures faster download speed which results in less waiting and more browsing.

Customer Engagement

A mobile website helps you engage your customers easily with features such as click-to-call & mapping functions. You can reach the great majority of mobile users by including these features in your mobile website.

Portability and Connectivity

This is the by far the best advantage of a mobile website. With a mobile website at their disposal, your customers can access your site anywhere, anytime from any mobile device.

Internet Marketing Benefit

With a separate mobile website and a traditional website, you have the advantage of tapping into two different streams of customers, which gives your business increased exposure and penetration within your industry.

Before you decide on getting a mobile website designed, you need to finalize the business objectives as they relate to the website, specifically the mobile site. You will need to prioritize these objectives and then transfuse that hierarchy in your mobile website design. ClickTecs can guide you when prioritizing these objectives and translating your design to mobile. Contact us today to get your mobile website designed and capture the mobile user base which will give a significant boost to your sales.

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