Growth Strategy Research Tips from a Franchise Development Consultant

Growth Strategy Research Tips from a Franchise Development Consultant

June 24, 2019 By

Today’s post explains the true secret to researching franchise development strategies online: scrutiny!

Read on for some tips on how to critically examine franchise development materials you find online, courtesy of our franchise development consultant.

How To Find Better Franchise Development Tips: Scrutinize Your Sources

Where is your current franchise development strategy coming from?

If you’re a franchise owner who’s simply following orders from the higher-ups, then so be it. But if you’re responsible for the decision-making and looking online for tips, you could be asking for trouble.

The internet is a tremendous source of information, but it’s also a veritable Wild West. Anyone can publish anything, claim anything. That’s why in 2019, internet research requires serious diligence.

But that’s easier said than done when you consider the sheer amount of information you have to sift through. A quick Google search for “franchise development tips” yields 35,400,000 results:

franchise development tips


That’s 35 million results. Where do you even begin?

Sorting through this data hit-by-hit would take a tremendous amount of time. If you took 10 seconds to evaluate each result (which often isn’t long enough), you’d need about 98,333 hours–that’s about four thousand and ninety seven days working nonstop–to get the job done. And don’t forget that hundreds more results are added every day.

Fortunately, you don’t need to find a single needle in this massive haystack of search results. There are plenty of places you can find credible information. You just have to know who to trust.

But where do you turn in this era where faith in mass media is eroding and anyone can publish anything online (Lazer et al., 2018)?

One option is to go where the most eyes are pointing. Google invests a lot of effort into vetting content and ensuring that the best materials appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Domain authority also factors into these results, which you can use as an informal “authority rating” for that company. Most results that appear on page one deserve to be there (okay, we’re kind of patting ourselves on the back):

franchise development tips

For instance, if you’re looking for “franchise development tips,” check the top-10 SERP results. While you may not find the exact information you’re looking for in those 10 pieces of content, you will have 10 credible sources to dig into and continue your search. Follow these pages back to their host sites to assess the author’s credentials and find more authoritative content–or even contact them as remote franchise consultants.

Another option is to actively look for content published only by franchise development consultants. A significant portion of online franchise development tips are not–it’s just another channel through which SEOs hope to engage buyers, even if franchising isn’t their specialty.

At ClickTecs, we specialize in franchise marketing. Our team is made of franchise development consultants with current and former franchise experience, and we have consistently delivered great results for our clients. But don’t take our word for it: you can read about how our franchise development consultants perform under pressure in our testimonials and case studies.

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